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What makes Polysleep different?

#1 Certified ISO Medical Antimicrobial Foam

Top-rated Reinforced Stability Contour

Breathable Top Layer for Ultimate Comfort

Certified Nanobionic Thermo-Technology

Certified ISO Medical Antimicrobial Foam

Polysleep's high-quality Foam is Made in Canada with certified ISO Medical standards. Be sure to keep dust and bacteria away and enjoy an healthier sleeping surface temperature during your sleep.

Top-rated ReinforcedStability Contour

Proudly #1 Rated in the industry for contour stability and edge support. Polysleep Mattresses have a reinforced edge support to stabilize pressure points and ensure the best comfort, no matter your sleeping habits.

Breathable Top Layer Open-cell Foam for Ultimate Comfort

Polysleep Hybrid Top Open-cell Foam offers better air flow compared to generic memory foam mattresses. Get an unparalleled fresh comfort, no matter the season.

Certified Nanobionic Thermo-Technology

Our high end Mattress covers are made with Nanobionic Temperature regulating hybrid foam infused with GelFlex Plus to guarantee a stable body temperature during your sleep.

Liquid repellent

Reduced Environmental Footprint

4.9 Avg. Verified Reviews

100-Night Trial + Free Delivery & Easy Returns

0% Financing Available

Made in Canada

Some kind words.

Pleased with my Zephyr

So far, I’m pleased with my new Zephyr mattress. This is the first time I’ve owned a polyfoam type bed, so it has been a welcome change from

Sleep has improved

I have to say, this has completely exceeded my expectations. I used to wake up 3-4 times a night but now I sleep through until the morning.

Great mattress, great service

I’m using this mattress since almost a month and I’m sleeping like a baby, very comfortable. Great service!


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You'll never be this excited to go to bed! The Polysleep memory foam mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, offering a better night's rest.


Discover our accessories that are made with High Quality, certified materials and the best choice to pair with a Polysleep Mattress.


A new pillow experience that's fully customized to your needs by using adjustable layers of our hybrid foam. It's also soft and squishy. 

Proudly Made in Canada

At Polysleep, we are proud to offer our customers mattresses made entirely in Canada. By producing locally, this allows us to work closely with our manufacturer & develop the best quality products for you possible.

Made in Canada, eh!

Free Shipping & Easy Returns

We've made buying a mattress online easy! Enjoy free shipping & delivery directly to your door. Try it for 100 nights risk-free in the comfort of your home.

If it isn't a fit, no hard feelings! We'll pick it up & donate it to a local charity.

Complete peace of mind!

Sleep Now, Pay Later

Don't delay a better sleep by saving up those quarters in your swear jar! We've partnered with Affirm to offer you financing for your mattress - no hidden fees!

0% financing, 100% peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to say that our mattress is made in Montreal.

Click here to learn more about our history and values.

People have different body types and shapes. Our mattresses are medium-firm and designed with our customer’s ultimate comfort in mind. Our Premium Ventilated Viscoelstaic Hybrid foam offers ultimate support and comfort. Unlike traditional memory foam, it regains its original shape quicker and provides better airflow. Our proprietary integrated support frame keeps the mattress from flattening out when you sit along the edge and reinforces the entire structure. Our Mattresses are a 6.5/10 for firmness, and a 10/10 for quality, comfort, and value.

Yes! We have partnered with a wide array of welcoming Canadian showcase partners who you can visit and try out our mattress in person. Here’s the comprehensive list of Polysleep Showcase Partners.

Currently we are only shipping to USA and Canada.

No problem at all! You have 100 nights to try it, if it doesn't suit you, you can return* it for a refund after the first 45 nights of your 100 night trial.

Since all new mattresses have a break-in period, we require customers to try the mattress for 45 nights before initiating a return.

We set a pick-up date (free of charge), and offer you a refund* for your order.

*Please note that a small fee of 75$ will be deducted from your refund for all mattress returns.

When your Polysleep arrives at home, open the box, unpack the rolled mattress on your foundation or the floor next to your bed, remove the plastic using the cutting tool. Once the plastic is opened, the mattress will immediately start to grow back into its original shape and you can immediately sleep on it. See our unboxing video!

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