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Are Foam Crib Mattresses Really Safe for Babies?
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Are crib mattresses safe for babies


Are Foam Crib Mattresses Really Safe for Babies?

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Are you looking for a new baby mattress and wondering about the benefits of memory foam? Increasingly popular in the mattress industry, this type of foam is widely used and even recommended for some sleepers, but are foam crib mattresses safe for toddlers? 

To help you make the right choice, Polysleep would like to tell you more about memory foam, its origins, its benefits, and contraindications for babies!

What Is Memory Foam Exactly?

Polyurethane foam baby

Memory foam is made from a type of polyurethane. Since its discovery, this organic molecule has been widely used in the construction, fashion, and furniture industries. Several years later, it was at NASA that memory foam made its appearance!

With the help of other chemical compounds, polyurethane foam became denser and more viscoelastic. Initially invented to absorb shocks in case of a crash, this foam quickly became the basic material for pillows and mattresses. 

It also revolutionized the sleep market! Thanks to its open cells, it compresses easily and is widely used for mattresses-in-a-box. High-quality mattresses have become available to everyone with just a few clicks. So, are memory foam crib mattresses safe for babies? Here is what you need to know about it!

The Advantages of Foam Cribs 

Baby sleeping on a crib mattresss

In the field of bedding, viscoelastic memory foam has established itself for its many benefits: 

  • Comfort: thanks to its naturally soft texture, with different levels of firmness, a foam crib mattress allows babies to sleep comfortably.

  • High reactivity to heat and pressure: it conforms to the shape of the body during sleep and redistributes heat evenly, making it an excellent mattress for peaceful naps.

  • Breathability: thanks to its open cells that allow air to circulate and regulate the temperature of the mattress to avoid waking up.

  • Durability: maintains its shape over time.

High Manufacturing Standards 

Polysleep baby crib mattress

Mattress companies are governed by national safety standards and adhere to them strictly. To protect consumer health, mattresses must be resistant to combustion. All mattresses designed in Canada are therefore using flame retardant chemicals. They are also often treated against the proliferation of bacteria.

Several different chemical compounds are used during the manufacturing process. However, by the time the mattress arrives in the crib, memory foam is completely safe. The molecules used remain stable and do not pose a risk to your health. In addition, they have been extensively tested to ensure your safety. 

In addition, you can rely on the company's certifications to verify the safety of the foam! CertiPUR-US® certified mattresses, for example, do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress for Your Baby

To choose a 100% safe memory foam crib for your newborn, here are some things to consider: 

  1. Foam quality: look for locally designed or organic crib mattresses to ensure that it meets manufacturing standards.

  2. Level of firmness: to avoid sources of suffocation, you should choose a firm baby mattress.

  3. Air circulation: optimal ventilation will allow your baby to sleep at the right temperature.

  4. Protection against bacteria and allergies: choose mattresses that prevent the proliferation of bacteria, such as ISO 20743-certified foams.

  5. Protection against liquids: for small everyday incidents, choose a waterproof cover. 

In general, be careful with cheaper, lower-quality mattresses.

Polysleep: Canadian Mattress Excellence  

Safe memory foam mattresses

Thanks to technological innovations and numerous controls and certifications, memory foam mattresses are completely safe for babies. This is the case with the foam Polysleep Baby Mattress, made with care in Canada!

Our mattresses are designed with a top-quality, antibacterial, ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam (VVH) that provides a fresh and airy sleep surface for your baby. We also provide a waterproof mattress topper! A variety of other benefits of our foam can be discovered to enjoy a soft and safe sleep for the whole family.


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