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How long can your foam mattress stay in a box!
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Polysleep mattress in its delivery box


How long can your foam mattress stay in a box!

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You have just ordered a foam mattress in a box (preferably from Polysleep!) and it has been delivered to your home. But you're an emotional person and it's hard to part with your old mattress, which you have affectionately nicknamed Robert. You want to make it last a few more days or maybe even a week or two more. But you are wondering: how long can the new kid stay in his box? The future of Robert will depend on this answer in the next few days. And so you start a Google search and type: "How long can my foam mattress stay in its delivery box?" And badaboom! You come across this Polysleep blog addressing this question. Keep reading to get the answer!

“Hey Google, how long can I leave my foam mattress in its box?”

To which the search engine replies, annoyed because the answer is not clear: "It depends". Really, it depends on the manufacturer and the mattress. Some manufacturers will recommend that you don't exceed one week, while others will go as far as to say that you can keep it in its box for up to two months.

The best thing to do, however, is to take your foam mattress out of its box as quickly as possible, ideally immediately! And don't believe that foam mattress manufacturers produce a couple of foam mattresses and then store them in a warehouse in their box. The mattresses are usually stored in their final form out of the box, to then be compressed and put in their container just a few days before shipping. This ensures that the foam in the mattress does not stay compressed for too long!

Woman who just put her mattress back in its box to store it


“Google, what are the risks of leaving my mattress in its box too long?”

To which, embarrassed, Google awkwardly replies, "there are many of them!” And again, it's right! The first risk you run by leaving your mattress in its cardboard container concerns the integrity of its different layers of foam.

The longer you leave your foam mattress in its box, the longer it will take to expand back to its full shape. And that's if the compression of your mattress has not affected the properties of its foam. Because if the structure of your mattress has been affected, it may never take its final shape, with the consequences that this implies for the support and comfort it is supposed to provide.

What is more, because your mattress is compressed in its box, air will not circulate as it should, which can cause moisture accumulation. And this potentially leaves the door open to all sorts of bad things! Moisture is generally a perfect catalyst for the proliferation of all kinds of bugs, such as bacteria, dust mites, and moulds.

Polysleep mattress box


“Hey Google, are there any other risks?”

“Yes, you could lose money.” And you understand what the search engine is talking about when you look at the results! In fact, if you store your foam mattress for a few weeks, you might simply forget that you have to unpack it. And if you wait until the last moment to do so and the mattress is damaged, you won't be able to return it!

Then you'll lose twice over, just because you wanted to stay with your terminally ill mattress, Robert. You'll never have the comfort and support that your new mattress was supposed to provide, and you won't be able to get a refund or exchange it for a new one if it's defective.

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In short, and this is what we agree on at Polysleep: to avoid surprises with your new mattress. Say goodbye to Robert for good, thank him for his many years of loyal service and take your foam mattress out as soon as possible, whether it comes from Polysleep or not. Voilà!


Couple opening their Polysleep mattress box

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