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Polysleep: The Best Mattress for Athletes
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Athele on his mattress with his dog


Polysleep: The Best Mattress for Athletes

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A few weeks ago, we had the chance to interview Carl Haworth, a Canadian professional soccer player with the Ottawa Fury FC team in the United Soccer League.

In our previous interview, Carl talked about his sleep regimen as a top athlete. A strict routine, involving perfect sleep hygiene.

Carl revealed to us exclusively his talents as a clairvoyant by telling us the winner of the 2018 soccer World Cup! We wouldn't go so far as to say that his divinatory talents come from the good nights of sleep provided by his new mattress ー but one thing is for sure, his performance is only better!

For a long time, Carl had a spring mattress that did not allow his muscles to recover effectively. And even if we are not all top athletes, we know that regular sports training requires optimal sleep. Indeed, a deep sleep helps muscles not only to recover but also to develop.

And since we are really interested in our customers' experience, we wanted to know what a professional athlete's sleep experience on the Polysleep Mattress was like. So here is Carl's feedback after just over a month with his new mattress!

What was your sleep like before the arrival of your new mattress?

Before sleeping on my new mattress, I had trouble sleeping through the entire night. I would wake up and toss and turn and try to find the right position, and sometimes I would have trouble going back to sleep.

With all the trips I make as a professional athlete, I often come home very late after long days of travel... Most of the time, I have many hours of sleep to catch up on!

Unfortunately, with my old mattress, this did not happen much. I felt a real impact on my daily performance. Indeed, I sometimes had lower back pain and muscle aches because I didn't have the right support while I slept.

Carl Haworth

Why did you decide to change your old mattress?

My old mattress was a spring mattress with a 2-inch memory foam layer that was supposed to bring more comfort. A superficial comfort, because my sleep problems had been persisting for some time... So I started to think that my mattress was maybe part of the problem and that it was time to change it.

That's why I decided to turn to the Polysleep mattress! The goal was to improve my sleep, muscle recovery, and energy level.

In life, I also have a dog, which has made its place at my side at night... By isolating the movement, this mattress ensures that my dog can move freely at night without compromising my sleep (too much)!

Can you tell us more about the evolution of the quality of your sleep since then?

Changing my previous mattress was one of my best decisions!  I really noticed a clear improvement in the quality of my sleep. After my training or games, I know that I can now rest effectively to allow my muscles to recover.

Now I get the necessary 8 to 10 hours (not forgetting the naps!) which allow me to perform on the field at 100%! And my dog loves it too! She loves jumping on the bed and lying next to me. The bad news? It’s now difficult to enjoy my bed alone since it has become her privileged landmark in the house...!

I would recommend this mattress to any athlete, professional or not. If you want to compete with the best, you must be at your best, and a good mattress is clearly part of that equation!

We want to thank Carl for his testimony. We wish him plenty of quality sleep and many victories to come! Carl: See you for your predictions on the 2022 World Cup? 😉 


The Polysleep mattress was offered complimentarily to Carl; however, we would like to point out that his words are his and are in no way influenced by Polysleep.



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