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Reviews of the Polysleep mattress

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Everyone loves to be praised, and at Polysleep, we’re no exception to the rule. We are very happy because reviews of our foam mattresses are extremely positive, for both the quality of our service and our products, including our Polysleep pillow! Also, we deliver everywhere across Canada!

What people think of Polysleep mattresses

The numerous reviews we receive regarding our Polysleep mattresses show how much our customers appreciate our products, but also that we’re great at meeting their needs! Here are a few main strengths of our mattresses frequently mentioned in the client feedback—and these are real customers; no false reviews with us!

  1. “It’s like sleeping on a cloud”

Our customers are delighted with their new foam mattress and can’t live without it! Some even mention sleeping “like a baby” or “like on a cloud” … if only that was possible, right? With our mattresses, you’ll feel like it anyway!

  1. “I received my mattress super fast!”

We are aware that time seems long—veeeeeeery long! —when you order a product online and you have to wait for days, if not weeks, before receiving it. At Polysleep, we understand the importance of fast shipping, and work hard to unite you with your new mattress fast. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our customers say: “received the following day”, “fast delivery”, “turbo delivery”, etc.

  1. “Exceptional service”

Offering a dream mattress is not enough, offering unbeatable customer service before, during and after the sale is essential for us! Because you’re a valued customer and not just an address on a shipping label, we try our best to provide you with perfect service from A to “Zzzzz”. Our clients’ reviews are unanimous: “The customer service team is incredible”, “fast and exceptional service”, “unrivaled customer service” … If you take a look, you’ll find there are a lot of examples proving we have your satisfaction at heart!

The design process of our mattresses—entirely made in Canada—and the materials used allow us to offer an exceptional product in all aspects. To find out why Polysleep manufactures foam mattresses of higher quality, read our blog; then, order your mattress online and receive it to your door a few days later, rolled in a box! Once unpacked, you’ll be able to use it immediately and write a review on our page… as soon as you’ll find the will to get up from your new amazing mattress!

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