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Futon d'Or

Futon d'Or


When looking for bedding products, a bedding store in the Montreal area, or when typing in Google "Matelas Montreal", Futon D'Or has been a must-have for 40 years now. But since their inception, the industry has changed a lot! With the movement to promote the local economy, and especially the advent of the Internet, the shopping and consumption habits of Montrealers and Quebecers have changed significantly. Of course, the sleep products industry has not escaped this phenomenon.

As a result, new major players have appeared in this industry, aware of these changes that must be met. And, currently, one of the most important and innovative among these is Polysleep! Find out now how Polysleep and Futon d'Or compare below, and what are the customer reviews of the Futon d'Or Store.

First, let's introduce Futon d'Or. Born out of the huge craze for futon mattresses in the early 1980s, Futon d'Or was created in 1981. Specializing in futons, these were designed at the back of their store on Beaubien street in Montreal. The familial company seems to have only one seamstress, and a delivery man who also has his own company. They have since moved their only store to rue St-Denis, still in Montreal. They position themselves as specialists in natural mattresses and related products. They offer futons, sofa beds, mattresses, beds, futon covers, and bedding items.

Polysleep is also a local business, as we also design and manufacture our own products in the Montreal area. However, the commonalities end there! We have a much more developed pan-Canadian distribution network, with independent boutiques carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible service! We also base the constant evolution of our products on feedback from our customers, to always offer improvements in line with your needs. Our range is extensive as it includes mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, box spring and mattress protectors. It is also highly innovative. Indeed, we offer cutting-edge technologies in the sector that you will not find anywhere else (eg. Contour support against sagging on Polysleep Mattresses and Zephyr Mattresses) and which make our models the best mattresses there is.

In addition, we are 100% transparent as to the materials used, especially concerning the foam used for our hybrid viscoelastic foam mattresses which is antimicrobial and medical grade. Here, there is no latex or wool that can cause allergies, and which are used by Futon d´Or. These also have very variable delivery times. If what you ordered is not available in store, these can range from 1 to 5 weeks! From our side, we make sure to process your order as quickly as possible.

Still in the case of Futon d'Or, if you want to have your order delivered, you will be charged a fee. Ditto for returns, which you will also pay. In either case, these charges will not normally be reimbursed to you. At Polysleep, the question does not arise: the delivery of your mattress in a box to your door, as well as the return of it if necessary, are free if you order your items online on our site (ordering option also available at Futon d'Or). Finally, we do not take any commission on what we sell.

You now understand why, at Polysleep, we believe in helping all Canadians sleep better thanks to our Quebec mattresses. This is our main mission and main motivation! Plus, you are sure to see the difference between us and the Futon d'Or Montreal store with the customer reviews left on Google for our competitor below. We look forward to welcoming you soon to our big family!

Average ratings

Currently, among the outlets of Futon d'Or according to their website, the company has 1 in the QC region, and 1 in the Montreal region. We have compiled both the best and the worst customer reviews for Futon d'Or in the QC and Montreal regions for you.

Total score

For Futon d'Or stores in the QC region, out of a total of 191 reviews for 1 stores, the overall average rating is 4.70.

Avis par localisations - Matelas Dauphin

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Futon d'or - Matelas naturels - Montréal, QC

I love my new futon! The quality and value are excellent. And I was very happy with this store's customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you so much!

Reviews by locations - Futon d'Or

Futon d'or - Matelas naturels - Montréal, QC

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