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Matelas Dauphin

Matelas Dauphin


When the time comes to choose a mattress or sleep-related products from a mattress store, or when you search the web for "Mattress in Montreal", one of the names that comes up often in Quebec is Matelas Dauphin. We must face the facts: it has been a key player in the industry in La Belle Province for many years now! However, times have changed. Quebecers looking for sleep items are more conscious in their purchases, favoring local businesses in particular. The internet has made a big difference in the buying process, so much so that new big players have been born to satisfy these new habits. Among the most innovative and noteworthy is Polyseep. But how does Matelas Dauphin compare to Polysleep? What are the customer opinions on Matelas Dauphin in Quebec? Read on to find out!

Let's start by presenting Matelas Dauphin, which is a manufacturer and a reseller of products focused on sleep. Matelas Dauphin has been in business for almost half a century, and it claims to offer great value for money as they produce their own mattresses, pillows and bedding items.

If they sell their products to individuals, their customers include hotels or hospitals. Employing nearly a hundred employees, Matelas Dauphin is present throughout Quebec through their 22 branches. Among these, some stores.

Matelas Dauphin are located in Blainville, Laval, Levis, Beauport, Quebec City, Sainte-Foy, Brossard, and also Terrebonne.

On the other hand, Polysleep is a Montreal company, locally designing and producing a wide range of sleep products: viscoelastic hybrid foam mattresses, box springs, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and pillows.

Very proud to help the economic fabric in La Belle Province, our products are also at the cutting edge of what is done in our area of activity. We offer technologies that make a real difference in the long term, such as our mattress contours exclusive to Polysleep mattresses and Zephyr mattresses. This concept, unique in the industry, helps prevent premature sagging of the mattress, by reinforcing its edges, but also its structure as a whole. The result: we offer better mattresses, which last longer!

We also stand out for the foam we use for our products. Unlike Matelas Dauphin, this one is made of viscoelastic and antimicrobial hybrid foam, which earns it a medical grade. Our premium, exclusive Polysleep covers are water resistant as they are water repellent.

But what separates us the most from them is our customer service! In fact, unlike Matelas Dauphin, we do not take any commission on our sales. We also deliver your order to your door for free when you order from our website! However, our products are available nationwide from carefully selected independent retailers with whom we have close relationships. As for returns for mattresses, these are also free!

So you will understand: all these reasons lead us to believe that we are making a real difference with each of our customers when it comes to their sleep! And we're sure you'll see it when you see the customers reviews of Matelas Dauphin on Google that we've listed below to help you make the right decision. Hope to see you soon in the Polysleep family!

Notes moyennes

Actuellement, parmi les points de vente de Matelas Dauphin d’après leur site Web, l’entreprise en compte 7 dans la région de la QC, et 7 dans la région de Quebec. Nous avons compilé pour vous les meilleurs comme les pires avis client de Matelas Dauphin dans les régions de QC et de Quebec.

Note totale

Pour les magasins Matelas Dauphin de la région de QC, sur un total de 459 avis pour 7 magasins, la note moyenne globale est de 4.63.

Avis par localisations - Matelas Dauphin

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Matelas Dauphin - Centre de liquidation - Québec, QC

Very good service. The 2 delivery men were friendly.

Avis par localisations - Matelas Dauphin

Matelas Dauphin - Centre de liquidation - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

Matelas Dauphin - Québec, QC

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