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Just thinking about having to buy another mattress, you get acid reflux and this, rightly so. You’re telling yourself that you’ll have to make the rounds of mattress stores in Etobicoke, in the suburbs of Toronto, an you feel like your ulcer is resurfacing. In this internet era, that’s not normal, is what you’re telling yourself. You should then be aware that you can order your Polysleep foam mattress directly from your home, in Etobicoke, and just wait for it to arrive straight to your door (the delivery is free of course)!


Buying your Polysleep mattress directly online, it’s possible!


At Polysleep, we design, manufacture and sell mattresses. We’re also a team of dynamic people in the prime of our lives, keeping with the times. That’s why we have decided to exploit the potential of the web, ensuring that the experience of buying your mattress is worry-free (and not ulcer-inducing!), at the best price.


This simply starts with the fact that you can order your Polysleep mattress directly on our website with just a few clicks, right from your home in Etobicoke! Once you’ve selected your model among our product range (Origin, Polysleep or Zephyr), the magic begins. We’ll deliver your mattress in a box straight to your doorstep. You’ll then only have to take it out of its packaging, wait (a little) for it to expand back to its definitive shape, and you’ll be able to sleep on it immediately that same night.


But your acid reflux is coming up again. You’re telling yourself: “But how will I make sure that the mattress suits me in terms of comfort and support?” Simply because we offer you the best guarantees to make sure it does once your Polysleep mattress is unwrapped in your bedroom in Etobicoke. You’ll get a trial period of up to 100 nights (on mattresses for adults) to ensure that you’re satisfied with your Polysleep foam mattress. If that’s not the case, no worries! We’ll come pick it up directly from your home, no questions asked!


But since we’re so nice, if you keep your Polysleep mattress, you’ll then be able to take advantage of very solid warranties on each of our mattresses. That’s how the Origin mattress is covered by a 5-year warranty, and our Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses are covered with one of 10 years!


You’ve convinced me. Now, tell me about your foam mattresses!


At Polysleep, you’ll have understood, we do things differently. And that applies to each of our mattresses, all entirely made in Canada! Our mattresses are made up of viscoelastic hybrid foam, the properties of which are just magical!


And you’ll realize the following as soon as your first night on your Polysleep mattress in Etobicoke, in the suburbs of Toronto. The foam we use for each of our mattresses detects your body’s pressure points to relieve them, and so prevent any muscle soreness. The Zephyr mattress even goes further by proposing a transitional layer with targeted support in the hip area. 


The foam in our mattresses also breathes well, and that allows for great temperature management of your body, both in the warm season and in winter. And all these benefits can also be enjoyed by your little ones from a very young age, since we offer a baby mattress with all the Polysleep qualities!


So there it is, you’ve no more reasons to fear for your digestion if you order your mattress made in Canada from Polysleep online. Other than, maybe, choosing the right mattress and the right size, or finding out more about foam mattresses from our guide on the subject (see “Foam mattress guide”). For that, you can refer to our guide about mattress sizes and our other guide about how to choose the size of your bed.

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