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Mattress store in Scarborough


It’s time to change your mattress. Its unavoidable after so many years of good and loyal services from your cot. And you’re afraid. Afraid to never find the same level of comfort that your old friend was providing, but over the years, it flattened out to a point where it feels more like you’re sleeping on the ground. The support provided in its beginnings is long gone.


You’re thinking that you once more must make the rounds of all the mattress stores of Scarborough, in the suburbs of Toronto, or maybe even across all Ontario, to find the perfect foam mattress. But those days are gone thanks to Polysleep: buy your Polysleep mattress directly online, and we’ll deliver it straight to your door in Scarborough!


Going to a mattress store in Scarborough is tiresome!


Shopping for a mattress in Scarborough feels to you like shopping for a car. It’s tiresome: you must find detailed information on the types of mattresses, go take a closer look at them in various shops and try them. “A colossal waster of time in the Internet era!”, is what you’re telling yourself!


But don’t worry, buying online your mattress 2.0 in the suburbs of Toronto is possible!


The taxing chore of shopping for a mattress, we get that at Polysleep! That’s why we offer you an innovative solution: buying your Polysleep mattress directly online, and having it delivered straight to your door in Scarborough! Amazing, right? You’ll receive your mattress in a box (the delivery is free of course!), compressed, and you’ll only have to unwrap it. Just wait for it to take its final shape and voila, it’s done! You’ll be able to lay down on your new mattress that same night!


But something is still bothering you: how can you make sure that the mattress will agree with you? Well, simply thanks to the services we provide for you of course! They are numerous. Once you’ve received your Polysleep mattress in Scarborough, you’ll get, for whichever adult model you chose, a 100-night trial period to get a better sense of it and see if it suits you! Anyway, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll come directly to your home to rewrap it and take it back!


And if you decide to keep it, we also offer warranties, long enough for you to sleep like a log: 5 years for the Origin model, and 10 for the Polysleep and the Zephyr mattresses! You’ll sleep well for a long time!


Ok! Now, tell me about Polysleep mattresses


Polysleep mattresses in Scarborough are viscoelastic hybrid foam mattresses of unique design, and their objective is to ensure your full support and comfort in any circumstances. They detect your pressure points and relieve them!


All our models, even the Origin mattress, also rely on at least one breathable foam layer, to allow for optimal airflow in order to make sure that you’ll always sleep at the right temperature, summer and winter alike! So, you’ll only be at the sauna when you go to a sauna in the Toronto suburbs, and NOT while laying on your mattress.


Lastly, for the Polysleep mattress and the Zephyr mattress, we’ve designed an extra-firm support frame to prevent any premature flattening of the edges of your future Polysleep mattress in Scarborough! And we also gave thought to your little Georges who was just born, with our baby mattress that has the same properties than its bigger siblings!


Well, with so many guarantees, there’s no more need to spend your life making trips to mattress stores in Scarborough or elsewhere in the suburbs of Toronto to try mattresses! What is more, you’ll help the local economy by buying a mattress entirely made in Canada. All that’s left for you to do is to consult our foam mattress guide, to select the dimension of your bed with the help of our guide on mattress sizes and to place an order!

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