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Comparison of the Serta Mattress and Polysleep Mattress
Serta Mattress vs Polysleep Mattress


Comparison of the Serta Mattress and Polysleep Mattress

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What is the best foam mattress for you?


To this question, Google refers you to two manufacturers: Serta and Polysleep, among the first search results. You tell yourself that they must be the best choices for foam mattresses... After a few minutes, your search gets more refined, like a good wine from the second glass, and you need to know more!

So you try more precise search terms, but you can't make a choice between the two Serta vs Polysleep competitors. As we are in good faith, we have decided to give you a hand and help you decide between them. The important thing for us is that you make the most enlightened choice.

All right, enough talk! Let’s now move on to the “Serta Mattress vs Polysleep Mattress” match, worthy of the best MMA fights!


What are the mattresses offered by both competitors?


“Okay, okay! On my left, the foam mattresses from Sertaaaaaaaaa!”


Okay, okay, the boxing match announcer-style might seem a tad too much. For all that, even at Polysleep, we recognize the quality of Serta foam mattresses. By the way, we've studied them closely, especially their mattresses in a box.

The lineup of Serta foam mattresses in a box is made up of the following mattress models:

  • The gel-infused memory foam mattress with a total thickness of 7.25 in, containing a memory foam layer with gel and a durable foam layer just below.
  • The 9-inch Serta Premium mattress (also featuring a gel-infused memory foam layer, backed by a support layer just below).
  • The 10-inch Perfect Sleeper Express mattress, with two comfort layers. In terms of foam type, the gel-infused memory foam as well as Serta foam will, essentially, take care of your comfort and support.
  • The 12-inch Perfect Sleeper Express mattress that, unlike the 10-inch one relies on three comfort layers, including one of gel-infused memory foam, and a second of support foam, also with gel. Finally, for more support, the latter relies on a Serta Foam Core layer.
  • The 10-inch Serta Hybrid 10 model, with a structure that simultaneously uses memory foam and springs.
  • The 12-inch SleepToGo model, using gel-infused memory foam, and a layer of foam with channels that allow air to circulate. Once more, support is provided by a Serta Foam Core support foam layer.


“On my right, the POLYSLEEP foaaam mattressssses!”


We often hear the maxim "the important thing is to participate". At Polysleep, the important thing is to win; we want to offer the best to our customers.

To do this, a great deal of preparation was necessary to face off against Serta, some models of which are the only official mattresses of the National Sleep Foundation. Might as well tell you that we approached the confrontation with the seriousness of the best athletes!

The Polysleep range consists in the following foam mattresses:

  • The Origin Mattress, containing a breathable cover, an open structure hybrid foam and a durable base made of high-density foam.
  • The Polysleep Mattress, with a top layer made from breathable hybrid foam, a center transitional layer, and finally a base layer made from durable high-density foam for unbeatable support. As for the sides, they are made of ultra-firm reinforcements avoiding any premature sagging of the mattress.
  • The Zephyr Mattress, the first layer of which thermoregulates itself thanks to its memory foam featuring the GelFlex Plus technology. The top layer, for its part, is made from open-structure hybrid foam. Then comes a transitional layer with targeted support for the hips, and a solid base made of extremely durable high-density foam. The reinforced frame contour, already present on the Polysleep model, is reintroduced here, and allows to strengthen the structure's sturdiness.
  • The Baby Mattress, (because babies too have the right to benefit from the Polysleep expertise!). This one’s first layer breathes, and the foam used combines the perfect balance of firmness and support to allow Junior to enjoy the best possible support.



Which manufacturer offers the best services?


Google would answer this query in an obvious way: “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist! Polysleep!”

And then you think, "The people at Polysleep take themselves for celebrities!" And from your point of view, you'd be right… but here are our arguments:


Memory foam is good, but it turns to granite in winter.


Except for the top layer of the Zephyr mattress (and even then!), all Polysleep mattresses use viscoelastic foam. As for Serta mattresses, all, without exception, use memory foam. The latter has the property of conforming to the shape of your body thanks to the heat emanating from it. However, this sensitivity to heat can pose a major problem during our harsh Quebec winters: the foam becomes harder…

This will necessarily result in a very firm bed that will take longer to provide the desired support, because of the warming needed by the memory foam in contact with your body.

The result: until your bed finally warms up, you'll feel like you're sleeping on a block of stone.


But then, doesn’t this also apply to Polysleep's Zephyr model?

Well no, imagine that! The top layer of memory foam is thermo-regulating: if you're too hot, the mattress cools you down, and if you're too cold, it warms you up. This has the effect of always keeping your bed at the right temperature, including the temperature of the foam, so you don't have to lie on a piece of wood from the very first minutes in bed!



The reinforced contour from Polysleep, quite the punch in terms of durability!


Except for the Origin and Baby models, Polysleep mattresses feature ultra-firm contours that make it possible to really live in your bed. Siting on the edge to look at your first notifications upon waking up? Check. Quick lacing of your shoes in the same spot before running to take the bus? Also check. If you opt for a mattress from Polysleep, be ready yourself to do more than sleep on it! These same reinforcements further solidify the different horizontal foam layers of our models, preventing them from prematurely flattening out.

As for Serta mattresses, they are based on a classic model of superimposed layers of foam. As they don’t have reinforcements all around them, they will sag more quickly, which considerably reduces their lifespan. As a result, the longevity of the Serta mattress will be potentially affected.


With Polysleep, to each their balance of comfort and support!


Polysleep, it’s above all the chance to choose the mattress that suits YOU in terms of balance between comfort and support. Just consider our Zephyr foam mattress, which has a transitional layer with targeted support at the hip level. Your body will have optimal support and you’ll sleep better! This type of support is not available for Serta’s mattresses in a box.

Lastly, Polysleep offers a Baby mattress, the performances of which have nothing to envy his big siblings. It would have been a pity if only parents could benefit from the incomparable comfort and support of Polysleep mattresses! So Junior will have the top of baby mattresses in this regard and will surely wake you up less at night. Serta, for their part, don’t offer any baby mattresses among those in a box.


To conclude: Polysleep mattresses win the match by unanimous decision of the judges!


All in all, Polysleep mattresses offer many advantages over Serta foam mattresses:

  • They almost exclusively use viscoelastic foam, while Serta mattresses are made exclusively from memory foam. The result: Polysleep mattresses are comfortable even in winter, because they don’t need body heat to provide optimal support, from the very first minutes!
  • The reinforced contours of some Polysleep mattresses provide extra durability as they prevent premature sagging of the foam layers, unlike Serta mattresses that don’t feature such reinforcements.
  • Polysleep mattresses offer more mattress options, with, the possibility of giving your little one the best support possible with the Polysleep Baby mattress.


So don’t wait any longer and order your mattress online at polysleep.ca!

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