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The Best Bed in a Box in Calgary

Mattress in a box calgary

Polysleep offers high-quality Beds in a Box in Calgary. If you are looking for a comfy, high-end Memory Foam Mattress you definitely should look at what we have to offer.


Instead of searching for many long hours which shop offers the right Bed in a Box in Calgary, you now have the luxury to order a mattress online and test it right in your bedroom. Yes, you read that right! With all Polysleep Mattresses, you have between a 30-to-100-days trial period and an extended warranty. So if the chosen mattress doesn't feel right to you, you just have to return it. It's as simple as that.


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A Bed in a Box? What’s that?

A Bed in a Box, a.k.a. “mattress in a box”, is a mattress rolled and compressed so it can fit in a box and be transported easily. A few years back, companies had to cut on quality to be able to sell mattresses in boxes like that, but that’s not the case anymore.


At Polysleep, we developed a specific compression technique and our very own high-quality hybrid memory foams (based on NASA technology), which can be used to roll your bed in a box without impacting on quality.

Want to learn more about it? Read our dedicated What is a Mattress in a Box? article.

Mattress best value for buck

Best Value for Your Buck

Mattress best value for buck

By buying a Bed in a Box, you get many advantages over a traditional mattress. The delivery process is way more efficient (and eco-friendly), the installation is made super simple and fast, and the mattress quality is way better than most spring or hybrid mattresses.

No Compromise on Firmness

Mattress in a box firmness

Even If delivered in a box, our mattresses’ firmness will be on point. Quality memory foam like ours will get back to its original shape and firmness in a matter of minutes. You’ll truly feel like it was never rolled in a box.

Mattress in a box firmness
Mattress in a box made in Canada

100% Made in Canada

Mattress in a box made in Canada

All our mattresses are completely designed and made in Canada. When you buy a Polysleep Bed in a Box, you not only support the local economy, but you also get Canadian quality in return. Each Bed in a Box is shipped directly from our Canadian factory.

Which Bed in a Box Should You Buy?

So you’ve decided you want to buy a bed in a box in Calgary, but are not sure which one will suit you best? Here’s an introduction to help you choose.


  • Looking for a very comfortable mattress with a long life expectancy, that is also affordable? The Origin Mattress has all the crucial elements that make Polysleep Mattresses’ quality, but for a lower price range.
  • Then, the Polysleep Mattress is our biggest seller. Apart from high-quality antimicrobial memory foam, it offers enhanced motion control with its unique support frame and its high-density foam. Looking for a mattress that is breathable, waterproof that offers unrivaled support? You should look this way.
  • If you suffer from physical problems (neck/back/hip pain), are an athlete, or simply love to sleep on the best surface possible, then the Zephyr Mattress is the best choice for you. Made to give maximum comfort and to help you rest faster, a lot of research went into this mattress. It is the best of the best.

We also sell Baby Crib Mattresses and RV Mattresses, so if that’s what you are looking for, make sure to look at these.

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