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For Mattresses to Become More Eco-Friendly
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For Mattresses to Become More Eco-Friendly

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What If Mattresses Became More Ecological?

Nowadays, the mattress industry tends to be more and more like any other industry, offering a plethora of unnecessary accessories and over-packaging its products. 

All this for what? 

To ensure that it always offers more attractiveness to its potential customers.

Mattresses are packed with triple-layer plastics, boxes are sealed with large amounts of adhesive tape and dyed with strange liquids that exhale toxic vapors. And on top of that, a single-use cutter is usually inserted in each box. 

A cutter that will be discarded 5 minutes after the mattress is unpacked… 

That is not great. Especially when we begin to hear the echoing cough of a planet that is getting sicker and sicker.

However, at Polysleep, we have chosen to take a step in the opposite direction, by reducing our use of single-use items and limiting overwrapping.

Because we are persuaded that we can convince buyers with another argument, which is even simpler: our viscoelastic foam mattresses are just really, really comfortable.

To achieve this, we have established a list of 5 rules, which are now followed flawlessly by the entire company. 

So, are you interested in knowing how we made the transition to a more eco-friendly mattress? Yes? Here we go!

5 Rules for Creating a More Eco-Friendly Mattress

1- Overwrapping

Getting a new mattress is a bit like a first date. It is good if the person is somewhat clothed when he or she arrives, and thus leaving room for mystery; although we can also be eager to see what is under the packaging.

That's why, at Polysleep, we opted to cover our mattresses with a cardboard packaging, under which is a thin plastic undergarment, but nothing more. 

This way, we ensure that the mattress is safely delivered, in great shape, and that some mystery is preserved.

However, because it is sooo easy to open, there is also room for you to indulge in your desire for a hasty romantic contact, whenever you want.

2- A Very Sober Box

Brown and simple.

The Polysleep mattress box is entirely made of recycled materials and is only slightly colored. The ink is ecological and the glue used to seal the box’s flaps is water-based.

Everything is done so the box can be recycled easily. And even better than recycling (because we know recycling can also get complicated from time to time): our box is compostable! 

We have chosen to bet that the WOW effect will be felt when testing the actual mattress, rather than by looking at its box. 

Woman unpacking her Polysleep mattress from its box

3- Cutters and Other Single-Use Items

Straws, plastic bags, water bottles... As you may already know, these single-use items are far from helping our planet and represent a real waste of our resources.

That is why we have chosen to remove single-use cutters from our boxes and therefore, avoid adding to the landfill a host of objects that would only have been used once.

And who doesn't already have a pair of scissors or a knife at home? 

4- Unnecessary Paper Expenses

Are you the kind of person who has a mountain of papers somewhere at home? Built with administrative papers, bills, etc? Papers that you will read and sort out… later?

To avoid making this mountain of administrative paperwork even worse, we have chosen not to include paper documentation in our box.

No pamphlets, no instruction booklets, nada!

Anyway, what could be easier than opening and unrolling a mattress-in-a-box? Step 1: Get the thing out of the box, Step 2: Sleep! (ideally very comfortably, if you made the right choice when buying your mattress. Wink, wink.) 

And if you really need more information, you can always find out more about how to unpack the Polysleep mattress by consulting our FAQ

Isn't it beautiful?

5- Deliveries by Bike

As soon as we have the opportunity, we opt for the delivery of our mattresses by bicycle.

Not only does this reduce the use of oil and does not release greenhouse gases; it also gives our cycling friends steel muscles!

What’s better than being able to show your hamstrings or quadriceps worthy of a Greek god(dess) to all your friends during summer pool parties?

Polysleep's bed in a box

Eco-Friendly Mattresses: The Polysleep Promise

At Polysleep, we have therefore given ourselves the mandate to respect these 5 commandments, in order to provide more eco-friendly mattresses. 

We may not be perfect yet, but this is a step in the right direction, don't you think?

The idea is simply not to fall asleep while the world is changing (unless it's with a memory foam pillow, where a nap is always allowed before continuing fighting stronger...) 

Because despite the current ecological difficulties, we believe that it is still possible to dream of a better world.

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