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Foam Mattress in Gatineau | Free Delivery

 Our customer has received her Polysleep foam mattress in Gatineau and she is ready to unpack it

If you get insomnia at the thought of mattress shopping —or if you’re simply an insomniac because of an uncomfortable mattress—we have the solution for you: a mattress in a box, delivered to your door! Indeed, Polysleep is a 100 % made-in-Quebec business that manufactures and delivers its foam mattresses everywhere in the Gatineau area; enjoy a high quality mattress made here!

Buying a mattress online? Really?

You’re already purchasing books, home appliances and even underwear on the Internet; if you’re not afraid of buying a sofa or even tires online, the same should be true for your bedroom. This is why our Polysleep mattresses can be ordered online and delivered everywhere in the Gatineau area and elsewhere in the country!

Also, you’ll enjoy a 100-night trial period during which you’ll be able to return it at no charge and worry free (yes, we even pick it up for free) You’ll be able to sleep like a king (or queen!)—even if that's not your bed size!

Viscoelastic hybrid foam: what is that?

If you’re shopping for a foam mattress in Gatineau, you’ve undoubtedly heard about memory foam and its benefits; forget all that! Polysleep mattresses are made of high quality ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, which guarantees a rejuvenating sleep, night after night. You’ll love your new mattress so much; you won’t even need the arms of Morpheus to fall asleep anymore!


Our mattresses are made of several layers of foam, with it’s own unique benefit.


The layers aren’t designed for looks, but rather serve a beneficial function that lead to a better sleep. Here is how our mattresses are made:

  • The base layer acts as a boxspring, allowing you to put your mattress directly on the ground or fit on a traditional boxspring / platform bed;
  • The transition layer ensures optimal support;
  • The top layer is made of antimicrobial ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, providing maximum air circulation to keep you cool. It also perfectly moulds itself to the shape of your body offering unparalleled comfort and support;
  • The extra-firm frame, unique in the industry, which prevents the edges of your mattress from flattening out;
  • The liquid-proof cover will protect your mattress if you spill liquids when you have breakfast in bed!

Our foam mattresses are entirely made in Quebec and developed by chemists specialized in high-density foam. And to enhance your sleep experience even more, try your new mattress with our Polysleep pillow with adjustable foam layers!

Don't let the competition bore you to sleep with their promises, and sleep instead on one of our Polysleep mattresses delivered to your door in Gatineau and elsewhere across Canada!


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