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Here’s why Polysleep makes the best quality foam mattress
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Here’s why Polysleep makes the best quality foam mattress

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Everyone wants the best mattress quality; after all, it’s an important investment since it has a significant impact on our life. We’ve all lived through bad nights on an uncomfortable mattress and one thing is for sure, it’s an experience we’d rather avoid!

This is exactly why Polysleep offers you better quality foam mattresses than any of our competitors. You can buy them online and we'll ship directly to your door at no additional cost!


Viscoelastic hybrid foam

To offer the best mattress quality, we worked together with expert foam chemists to develop a high-density foam with incredible properties. Providing optimal air circulation and antimicrobial features, this ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam will make your nights more pleasant than ever! Plus, it’s delivered to your home in a box! Practical, isn’t it?


How thick should a better quality foam mattress be?

Quantity doesn’t necessarily rhyme with quality; it’s all in the right dosage. Although some of our competitors try to sell you thinner or thicker foam mattress, our mattresses contain 3 foam layers, each with its own unique function:

  1. The base layer acts as a boxspring
  2. The transition layer is made from high-density foam and offers unequalled support & comfort.
  3. The top layer is made from antimicrobial viscoelastic hybrid foam. This offers perfect temperature regulation (better airflow), and reduces allergies & dust build up.
  4. The integrated support frame, unique in the industry, wraps the perimeter of the mattress and prevents the edges from flattening out - perfect for when you're sitting on the edge and putting your socks on.
  5. The spill-proof cover, which is super soft and machine washable. Just incase you spill your coffee (or wine - we don't judge!), you'll have time to quickly and easily save your mattress from any spill damage.


    What makes our mattress unique on the market?

    In addition to its market-exclusive support frame, our mattress in a box is made up of high-density foam that perfectly moulds itself to the shape of your body. Even more, pressure points will be detected and relaxed in a few seconds; the temperature will also be decreased, which will allow you to sleep better and stay cool all night. Finally, we think that everyone should get restful nights, which is why our online mattresses are offered at fair and reasonable prices. You don't have to pay astronomical sums to get the best mattress quality; order from Polysleep and receive your mattress rolled in a box, to your door, and take advantage of the 100-night trial period. Prepare yourself to experience a major positive change during your nights… And your life!


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