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The Polysleep Mattress

The Polysleep Mattress
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You'll never be this excited to go bed! The Polysleep offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, offering a better nights rest.

The Polysleep Mattress - Polysleep
The Polysleep Mattress - Polysleep
The Polysleep Mattress - Polysleep
The Polysleep Mattress - Polysleep


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The Polysleep Mattress

Starting at $116/month with

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What Makes

Polysleep Unique?

Your New Mattress

Provides a healthier sleep

Say goodbye to germs, dust and bacteria with our antimicrobial foam. If you suffer from allergies, you'll find incredible relief with this amazing feature!

Better alignment

Your new Antimicrobial Topper features premium hybrid ventilated viscoelastic foam. It perfectly conforms to your body, offering better support and spine alignment than traditional memory foam.

Highly breathable

We use an open cell foam which is also ventilated. This material provides better airflow than regular memory foam. It keeps you warm when you're cold, and cools you down when it's hot.

Our Service

Locally Made in Montreal

100% designed and made in Montreal, we're proud to hire local Montreal employees and contribute to the Canadian economy.

Free Shipping, Fast & Easy

We offer free shipping and deliver directly from our manufactory to your door step.

10 Year Warranty

We're so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a 10 year warranty to offer total peace of mind. Click here to learn more.

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Products Specs

Measurements & dimensions


60” x 80” x 2”


76” x 80” x 2”


Our Antimicrobial Topper features medical grade ISO 20743 exclusive foam.
“Ventilated” Polysleep Antimicrobial Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam - Density of 3.0lb / ft3 (Certified ISO 20743)

Country of origin

Our Polysleep toppers are handcrafted in Montreal. Our suppliers have been carefully chosen for their knowledge and expertise, but also for their commitment to sustainable development. Even our boxes are made in Canada from recycled materials! In addition, no products are destroyed, they benefit people in need or are fully recycled in the event of a return.


In order to offer you peace of mind, we include a 10-year limited warranty on the Polysleep Mattress. Read more

Shipping info

We ship via UPS Standard in Canada and the USA directly from our warehouse to your door. By doing this we cut out 3rd party distribution methods, lowering our carbon footprint.

Shipping costs

We offer free shipping and free returns* in Canada. For the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, please note that there will be an added charge for shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Remove the mattress topper from its box, use scissors and not a knife to avoid damaging it when opening its protective packaging.
    Remove your sheets, pillows or mattress protector from your sleeping surface. Mattress protectors can be placed above or below your mattress overlay depending on their texture. If your mattress protector is very smooth, the mattress topper may slip.
    Place your mattress topper directly on your mattress, making sure that it is evenly placed. Remove any bulges or creases.
    Once the mattress topper is perfectly flat, replace your bedding.
  • Yep! Our mattress topper fits all types of mattresses.

    If your mattress is aging, the mattress topper will help improve your comfort no matter what type of mattress you have.

    However, it should be noted that if your mattress is hollow, the overlay will itself take the shape of the body where the hollow spot is present over time.
  • The Polysleep mattress topper improves the comfort of your sleeping surface if your mattress is aging or too firm.

    It relieves pressure points if you have back, hip or shoulder pain. The distribution of the body weight is more evenly distributed, thus improving your blood circulation.

    In addition, it is easy to aerate and prolongs the life of your mattress by providing extra protection (body weight, bacteria proliferation).
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The Polysleep mattress

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Owning a good mattress is essential to fully recharge your batteries. That's why the Polysleep mattress was designed to offer you better nights! With our foam mattress, you’ll wake up refreshed and relaxed every morning! Even more, you won’t have to go to the store, since we sell our mattresses online; once you submit your order, you’ll receive your mattress in a box, rolled (hurray for foam!) and this, no matter where you live in Canada! And for an even more convincing sleep experience, kill two birds with one stone by also purchasing a Polysleep pillow!

Available for all bed sizes—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King—everyone can enjoy our mattresses! And when you buy a Polysleep mattress, you buy:

  • Revolutionary viscoelastic hybrid foam;
  • Antimicrobial material;
  • Many foam layers for optimal comfort;
  • At a fair and reasonable price.


The viscoelastic hybrid foam that makes our foam mattress offers many advantages. First, it moulds itself to the shape of your body and identifies pressure points; then, the temperature and firmness of these exact spots are lowered in a few seconds. Its top layer promotes optimal air circulation to keep you dry and cool all night. Waking up sweaty in the middle of the night is a thing of the past with our foam mattress!

Keep microbes far from you!

In addition to keeping you cool, the top layer is antimicrobial, and bacteria will not multiply on your mattress! What better than staying healthy to enjoy even more restful sleep?

Foam, and even more foam!

But just the right amount, no more, no less! The different foam layers of our mattress each have their unique function and aren’t there just to look good! So, in all of our mattresses, you’ll find a base layer that reinforces the mattress and acts as a boxspring; a transition layer that provides support and helps to offer you restful nights; the famous top layer of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam that keeps you cool and dry, and moulds itself to your body; and lastly, an extra-firm frame that prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening out.

The cover is also made from a liquid-repellent material, very practical to prevent water or other liquids—like your morning coffee—from penetrating the mattress; it’ll give you time to get a towel to clean it up!

Our Polysleep mattresses in a box have proven themselves, and you’ll enjoy a trial period of 100 nights. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll only have to return it to us, and we’ll refund you. Don't wait anymore and buy your Polysleep mattress online today!

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