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Foam Mattress in Mississauga | Free Delivery

Our customer has just received her Polysleep foam mattress in Mississauga and she is about to install it in her bedroom

If you wake up sore and sweaty in the morning, it’s not necessarily from a cold; maybe it's simply time to change your mattress! And if you’re anything like us, you don't like to shop around in the Mississauga area to test various types of mattresses (spring mattress, foam mattress, etc.), you can opt for the online purchase of a Polysleep mattress! Made in Canada, our famous mattress in a box will seduce you thanks to a unique design and revolutionary foam. Would you like to change your nights forever? If you live close to Mississauga—or elsewhere in the country! —order your Polysleep mattress right now!

Is it risky to buy a mattress online?

Online purchases have been common for many years, and this, for all sorts of consumer goods: clothes, electronic equipment, home appliances, etc. So why not buy your mattress this way? By purchasing one of our foam mattresses close to Mississauga, not only will you enjoy a 100-night trial period, but also a 10-year warranty. You’ll see; to try us is to adopt us! At the same time, take this opportunity to test our new Polysleep pillow; you’ll love its various removable foam layers that allow you to create a personalized pillow!

Components of the Polysleep mattress

Ordering online is nice and all, however, you need to know what to order! Our mattresses are made from first-rate foam, allowing you to sleep like a baby (a baby that sleeps through the night, of course!). Different layers make up your mattress:

  • The base layer. Made of high-density foam and also acting as a boxspring, it’s durable and sturdy, without being too firm. This allows you to put your mattress directly on the ground if you so wish, or wait for the delivery of your future boxspring!
  • The transition layer. Placed between the base and the top layer, it offers optimal support.
  • The top layer. Antimicrobial, it’s made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam that moulds itself to the shape of your body while promoting air circulation. Even more, pressure points are quickly identified; the temperature and firmness of these points are then reduced in a few seconds, to help you sleep even more comfortably!
  • The liquid-proof cover. Goodbye wet mattress because Junior spilled the glass of milk he lovingly brought to bed for you! This cover is treated with a repellent to minimize damages caused by liquids.

Our Polysleep mattresses are delivered everywhere close to Mississauga, rolled in a box; extra, it only takes a few seconds for it to go back to its original shape once unrolled! Contrary to traditional mattress retailers, if you’re not convinced, we’ll take care of the return of your mattress and offer a full refund! However, we’re quite confident: you’ll love your new Polysleep foam mattress!

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