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Foam Mattress in Windsor | Free Delivery

Blond woman receiving her new mattress in a box in Windsor

Searching for the best foam mattress for sale in Windsor? Made in Canada, the Polysleep mattress is the ideal partner to enjoy the best sleep. Built from high-density ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, our Polysleep mattresses are not only super comfortable, but they are also delivered in a box, anywhere in and around Windsor.


A user-friendly online purchase site


Because customer service is one our highest priorities, we made sure that our website offers a simple and pleasant purchase experience when you buy your mattress online. You just have to select the size you want—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Californian King—and, while you’re at it, also add a Polysleep pillow with adjustable layers of foam, and that’s it! Shoes and groceries are not the only things you can buy online; there are mattresses too!


Your mattress delivered quickly to your home, in a box!


Yes, not only can all our foam mattresses be delivered for free in the Windsor area, but you’ll also receive yours in an environmentally friendly box! As soon as you’ve ordered your mattress, it’ll be compressed, rolled and placed in a practical transport box delivered to your door.


Sleep comfortably and keep cool, all night!


If you hate waking up at night with your pyjamas sticking to your skin from the heat, you’ll love ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, because it promotes excellent air circulation. Additionally, our mattress will identify pressure points and, in a few seconds, relax the firmness and reduce the temperature of these points.


A mattress that moulds itself to your body


So that you enjoy more restful nights, our foam mattress perfectly moulds itself to the shape of your body, while providing full support. Our mattresses are made with different layers, namely a base layer, a transition layer, a top layer of viscoelastic hybrid foam, an extra-firm support frame and a liquid-repellent cover. And since you’re buying your Polysleep mattress online—and we’ll deliver it in Windsor and the surroundings—there are no intermediaries between us; you’ll benefit from a fair price for a product of high quality. That’s something that’ll result in fewer sleepless nights!

If you want to join the increasing number of Windsor buyers that have purchased a foam mattress from Polysleep, order yours right now!

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