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What are the best sleeping positions for lower back pain?
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What are the best sleeping positions for lower back pain?

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There is nothing worse than sleeping with back pain. Yet it is a widespread problem among Canadians.

Statistics Canada estimates that 70-85% of people suffer from back pain in their lifetime.

If this is the case for you, you should know that certain sleeping positions are to be avoided.  

Polysleep, your specialist in hybrid foam mattresses, tells you the best sleeping positions for people with back pain.


What are the best sleeping positions for lower back pain?

Sleeping on your back will allow it to be less sore and you to sleep better if, however, you respect some rules! First, put a cushion or a pillow under your knees; your back will then be less arched, and you’ll feel less pain. As well, make sure that only your head is resting on your pillow and not your shoulders. You might snore a little more, but your back will be grateful!


I sleep on my side; can that help?

Although sleeping on your back is the best position to sleep and reduce decrease the pain in your back, it’s also possible to sleep on your side. By placing a pillow between your legs—and by putting your head on the pillow in a manner that the latter fills the gap between your head and shoulders—you should feel less pain and will sleep better.


What sleep positions should I avoid if my lower back pain?

As mentioned above, sleeping on your side could help; however, if you sleep in a fetal position, that is, with your knees folded toward your chest and you back very rounded, you won’t reduce the pain, on the contrary! Your spine won’t be straight, and you could worsen your problem. As well, if you’re used to sleeping on your belly, be aware that this position should be banned from your daily life! Indeed, you’re putting tremendous pressure on your muscles and articulations, and offering no support to your spine.


I sleep on my back but I’m always sore; what do I do in this case?

Obviously, your back pains won’t disappear suddenly from sleeping on your back! But if, despite all your efforts and a visit to the doctor, you still can’t relieve your back pains, maybe you should invest in a new mattress, particularly if you’ve had yours for many years! And with online purchasing, you can even buy it in the comfort of your home if your back hurts too much to drive… or if you worry about getting lumbar strain from testing mattresses in the store for a full afternoon!

If you’re reluctant to buy a mattress online—and to receive a mattress in a box, to your door, if you opt for a foam mattress—you should be aware that you’ll enjoy a trial period of between 30 to 120 days, depending on the manufacturer; but give yourself a few weeks to get used to your new mattress, particularly if you opt for a viscoelastic hybrid foam model. Following this, you’ll be happy to realize that you’re sleeping better, and that your back pains are nothing but a bad memory!

Remember that opting for the best sleep position isn’t the only factor to reduce dorsal pains; your mattress also plays an important role!


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