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Foam Mattress in Hamilton | Free Delivery

A customer sitting on her foam mattress in Hamilton is looking at her computer screen while drinking coffee

After several years, the time has come to change your mattress. If, like many people, you hate going around the shops searching for the ideal mattress, just do like more and more people in Hamilton and opt to purchase a Polysleep mattress online! Made in Canada, our mattress is made up of high-density foam that’ll allow you to sleep like you have never done before; test it for a 100-night trial period and you’ll see, you’ll never want to part with it!


Polysleep, the mattress in a box!

If you’re shopping for a foam mattress close to the city of Hamilton, you’ve probably heard about our mattress delivered in a box and available on our online purchase site. Indeed, all of our mattresses are compressed, folded, rolled, put in a box and sent to the far corners of the country. Once it has arrived at your home, all you have to do is pull it out of its box and unwrap it; it’ll take back its original shape in a few seconds. And contrary to some of our competitors, our mattresses don’t smell like chemicals; you’ll therefore be able to sleep in it as soon as its installed!


A unique foam on the market

Our foam mattresses for sale in Hamilton and the surroundings are made from ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. What is that exactly? It's simply a revolutionary high-quality material that moulds itself to the shape of your body and allows for optimal air circulation. This way, you’ll never be too warm! Also, this material will detect pressure points in a few seconds. It’ll then reduce the temperature and firmness there so you can experience unparalleled sleep quality. By opting for a Polysleep mattress delivered to your home in Hamilton, your nights will never be the same!


Composition of the Polysleep mattress online

Different layers make up our mattresses, each useful in its own right:

  • A base layer that also acts as a boxspring;
  • A transition layer that ensures optimal support;
  • A top layer of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, antimicrobial;
  • An extra-firm frame, unique on the market, that prevents the mattress from flattening out;
  • A liquid repellent cover that protects your mattress from liquids you could spill!

In addition, buy our Polysleep pillow and improve your quality of sleep to another degree!

To find out more about our foam mattresses available in the Hamilton area—and about all the good our clients think of it! —visit our Reviews page!

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