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Foam Mattress in Quebec | Free Delivery

This couple is installing the Polysleep foam mattress in their room in Quebec

What is worse than sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress? Losing a whole afternoon looking around the shops to buy a new one! In the digital and online purchase era, avoid the bustle of shopping mall crowds in Quebec and order your foam mattress on the web! Isn’t it risky, you might ask yourself? Not anymore than buying one in a store, where a floor salesman will try to convince you that their mattress is the best for you!

Even if you can try it within the store, there is no guarantee that the mattress will suit you back home.

At Polysleep, we offer a 100-night trial period, during which you can return it to us at no charge we’ll even pick it up for free! Don't wait anymore to order your mattress online and be sure to opt for a Polysleep mattress; we deliver everywhere in the Quebec area!

What makes the Polysleep mattress stand out from its competitors?

Everything! From the manufacturing quality to the materials used, you're sure to enjoy an exceptional product that will make your nights more enjoyable. And contrarily to other mattresses in a box sold in Quebec, our foam mattress doesn’t have that chemical smell that can take several days to disappear.

It will take back its original shape in only a few minutes; so, you’ll be able to test your new mattress the same day it’s delivered! And if you’d like to enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience, try our Polysleep pillow, adjustable to suit your preferences, thanks to its removable foam layers!

Advantages of Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam

Made in Quebec, our mattresses are built with antimicrobial ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, which offers optimal air circulation so you can sleep without bacteria forming and keep cool all night! Say goodbye to that annoying sweaty feeling in the morning because your body was too warm! Even more, you’ll appreciate the spill-proof cover of our mattresses, preventing liquids from penetrating; which means that your little one could bring you a morning glass of juice without worry. What? People can dream!

Our Polysleep mattresses are available for Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or California King beds, and we can deliver them in a box, everywhere in Quebec City!

Don't hesitate any longer and be included among our happy—and well-rested! —customers that have already purchased their Polysleep foam mattress in Quebec!

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