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Here is how to choose the right mattress in 4 steps
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Make a selection
A customer is positioning his new Polysleep mattress on his bed


Here is how to choose the right mattress in 4 steps

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Do you wake up with back or hip pain for no reason? It might be because your mattress doesn’t provide enough support anymore.

Choosing a mattress that suits both your needs and your budget and, deciding whether you choose to go directly to the store or to buy a mattress online can be a real obstacle course. Here is a little advice on how to select a mattress and what factors to consider!

Choosing a foam, latex or spring mattress?

This question is quite personal, and what suits one person might not suit another! At Polysleep, we have spared no effort to develop a ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress that offers all the advantages of these types of mattresses without their downsides: support, detection of pressure points, air circulation, etc., to suit the largest possible number of buyers!

Buying online or at the store?

A future client orders her Polysleep foam mattress online from home
If you have ever shopped for a mattress at the store, you probably tried about a dozen various mattresses by lying on them for a few seconds/minutes. Once you have made a choice, you ordered an identical model from the salesman and when you received it, you were disappointed because it was less comfortable than you thought.

By buying your mattress online, you’d save a whole afternoon of trying everything in front of everyone in the shop, and you’d be able to try your new mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Be sure to take advantage of a trial period!

Most retailers offer a 30-day trial period during which you can return your mattress if you’re not satisfied. Knowing that it would take your body at least 2 weeks to get used to your new mattress, you’ll only have a few days left to make your decision. However, if you opt for a Canadian Foam Mattress from Polysleep, you’ll enjoy a 100-night trial period!

And what about the price?

Everybody knows someone that paid $2,000 for a mattress; but was it truly better than an $800 model? Not necessarily. A high price doesn’t automatically go hand in hand with quality. Which is why, at Polysleep, we want you to pay a fair price for your mattress, because everyone has a right to a most restful sleep, no matter their budget!

If you opt to buy a foam mattress, be aware that Polysleep offers the fast delivery of your mattress in a box! Take advantage of our competitive price, top-quality mattress, 100-night trial period as well as 10-year warranty!

Try our products and you’ll see that we revolutionized the way to choose a mattress!


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