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Foam Mattress in Halifax | Free Delivery

A customer from Halifax is lying on her stomach on the Polysleep foam mattress reading a magazine

Buying a mattress online? Why not! Online purchases have boomed these last years for all consumer goods: toys, clothes, electronic devices and many other things. And mattresses are no exception to the rule! If you live in Halifax and its surroundings, you’ll be happy to learn you can receive our Polysleep mattresses directly to your door, delivered in a box!


A mattress in a box? Seriously?

The unique design of our foam mattresses allows us to deliver them rolled in a box; the mattress will go back to its original shape as soon as you’ll take it out of the packaging! This technique isn’t only available for Twin bed sizes! Indeed, our foam mattresses offered in the Halifax area are also available in the Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King bed sizes, and each one is compressed, folded, rolled, put in a box and sent to you!

Top-range foam, at a fair and reasonable price!

Our expert foam chemists helped us create a high-quality ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. At Polysleep, we think that everybody should have the best possible sleep experience, we provide a high-quality product at a fair and reasonable price, by cutting out the middlemen. You’ll sleep better, not only because of the comfort level of our mattress, but also because you won’t have to miss sleep thinking about the amount you spent!

Our mattresses are made from viscoelastic hybrid foam

All our foam mattresses are made in Canada and can be delivered everywhere in Halifax and its surroundings. However, they’re not only made of simple foam: indeed, they contain first-rate ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, to provide you with all the comfort and support you’ll need!

The various layers of our mattress

The base layer of the mattress is made of high-density foam and acts as a boxspring. The transition layer, for its part, is placed between the base layer and the top layer; it's the one providing total support. Next comes the top layer—made up of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam—ensuring optimal air circulation. It moulds itself to the shape of the body and decreases firmness where there are pressure points in a few seconds. It’s also antimicrobial which means it helps to reduce allergies. The extra-firm frame, unique in the industry, prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening out. Lastly, the spill-proof cover, treated with a repellent, prevents the penetration of liquids in your mattress.

Join our happy customers who opted for the Polysleep mattress in the Halifax area, and take advantage of the 100-night trial period, as well as the 10-year warranty! And for an even more successful sleep experience, add our Polysleep pillow that, thanks to its removable foam layers, will allow you to “adjust” it to your taste! To find out more about our foam mattresses and about our delivery service, don't hesitate to contact one of our customer service reps!

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