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Foam Mattress in Victoria | Free Delivery

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If you’ve had trouble sleeping over the past couple of weeks, maybe it’s because of stress, but maybe it’s more than that. The reason could also be that your old mattress should be replaced. But with the wide choice of foam mattresses for sale close to Victoria, you don’t know where to turn to? Polysleep is a 100% Canadian company offering comfortable mattresses that provide optimal support, for a very affordable price! It’s true, since our Polysleep mattresses are sold without a middle man in the Victoria area, we’re able to offer you quality mattresses at a fair price. Amazing, right?


Buying a mattress online?


Just like you buy many products online—TVs, sofas, espresso machines, etc.—buying a mattress online is more and more common. The risks of buying a mattress in store are actually higher than buying online from Polysleep! It’s true, you can’t be sure that the model selected at the store will be comfortable once installed on your bed frame! By purchasing a Polysleep foam mattress in the city of Victoria, you’ll benefit from a trial period of 100 nights, during which you’ll get a refund if you don’t like your mattress & we will pick it up for free. Also, you can order your Polysleep pillow to enjoy even better sleep!

A mattress in a box, delivered to your door!

The viscoelastic hybrid foam of our mattresses makes for easier transport and delivery. After being compressed, folded and rolled, it's placed in an environmentally friendly cardboard and sent to your door a few days later. Then, you just take it out of the box and once opened, your mattress will only take a few minutes to return to its original shape.


How are our mattresses made?


Every Polysleep mattress for sale in Victoria was entirely made in Canada with premium quality ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. Our mattresses are formed with different layers of foam:


  • The base layer;
  • The transition layer;
  • The top layer;
  • The exclusive extra-firm frame;
  • The liquid-proof cover.


Our mattress is designed to perfectly mould itself to the shape of your body; also, it identifies pressure points and then reduces the temperature and firmness of these points almost instantaneously, so you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud while enjoying optimal support.

One thing is sure, our Polysleep foam mattresses will make a lot of customers happy and well rested in Victoria and elsewhere in the country; join them!

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