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RV Mattress in Winnipeg

RV Mattress in Winnipeg

Tired of looking for a better RV Mattress in Winnipeg?


Then, we guess you are also tired of those bad nights of sleep in your VR. But don’t lose hope, because we have what you need!

Buy our RV Mattress today and continue your adventure with a REAL, Restful, Sleep.


Discover Our

A High-Quality Short Queen VR Mattress

The Polysleep RV Mattress has all the qualities of our most popular mattress (The Polysleep Mattress) but is only a tad shorter.


Why shorter? Because this way, we can be confident that it will fit most VRs.


Apart from being shorter (60”x75”x10”), the Polysleep RV Mattress is antimicrobial, has almost zero motion transfer, has very good temperature regulation, and is built to have very great support.


Who says that going on an adventure shouldn't include a little comfort?

Mattress delivery winnipeg

Receive Your RV Mattress at Your Door, in Winnipeg

Mattress delivery winnipeg

Polysleep delivers mattresses across Canada. Therefore, if you are looking for RV Mattresses in Winnipeg, you can order them online and they will be delivered directly to your door. Yes, you read that right. What’s even better is that you will have 100 nights to decide whether you like your new RV Mattress or not.

High-Quality Memory Foam

High-Quality RV Mattress

Nomad life does not require you to sleep in discomfort. Like all Polysleep mattresses, our RV Mattresses delivered in Winnipeg are made of high-quality viscoelastic foam. Taking a nap in an RV on this mattress won't even make you realize if the RV is moving or not, as it's well-balanced with wonderful edge support.

High-Quality RV Mattress

RV bed in a box

A Very-Easy-To-Carry Bed in a Box

RV bed in a box

What could be more difficult than moving an already-expanded mattress from your home to your VR? With Polysleep, there is no need to struggle with a mattress that won’t go through your vehicle’s door. You just have to lift the box (it weighs 27 lbs), get it inside the RV, and let it expand at its proper place.

Why Should I Choose to Buy THIS RV Mattress in Winnipeg?

Because Polysleep has proved to be one of the mattress companies with the highest quality of memory foam mattresses in Canada.


Rated 9.5 on honestmattressreviews.com and 8.5 on mattressadvisor.com, there is no reason why you should roam around the city in search of the perfect mattress store when you can order it online. 


Buying your RV Mattress in Winnipeg with Polysleep is one of the easiest things you’ve done this year!


So, why not save your time for a little Whiteshell Provincial Park excursion instead?

    Have Some Questions About Our RV Mattress?

    Need to answer a few questions before you go ahead and order your RV Mattress in Winnipeg? Our customer service team will gladly help you! Feel free to contact our customer service using one of the following methods:

    Call Us

    1 (844) 869 - 7659

    Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm EST

    Email Us


    We'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

    Chat Online

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    Want to give your head the right support after long hours of driving? Check out our adjustable memory foam pillow.

    “What’s different about it?” you may ask. Firstly, the pillow is made of high-quality foam that will conform to your head shape. Secondly, you can add/remove layers of foam, to suit your preferences.

    Not many pillows offer this level of customization.

    The Polysleep RV Mattress is a short queen version of our Polysleep Mattress.

    In terms of dimensions, it measures 60 inches wide, 75 inches long, and 10 inches thick.

    Although our RV Mattress is suitable for most RVs, be sure to measure the sleeping space where you want to install it before ordering.

    The main difference? The size. The RV Mattress is 60 inches (wide) by 75 inches (long) by 10 inches (thick).

    Then, it weighs less than The Polysleep Mattress (Queen): 57 lbs instead of 62 lbs.

    But apart from that, you’ll benefit from the same qualities as the Polysleep Mattress (antimicrobial, no motion transfer, support frame, etc).

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