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The Polysleep RV Mattress

$840 $1,199 Save $359

The Polysleep mattress is now available in a standard size for RVs, trailers and motorhomes! Find all the comfort of the Polysleep mattress in your RV for an optimal sleep and a mattress that lasts over time. You'll never travel this comfortably!


$840 $1,199 Save $359
Pick your Size: Dimension: 60” x 75” x 10” - 57 lbs
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Memory Foam

The Polysleep RV Mattress

$840 $1,199 Save $359
Pick your Size: Dimension: 60” x 75” x 10” - 57 lbs
Estimated delivery: 

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The Polysleep mattress is now available in a standard size for RVs, trailers and motorhomes! Find all the comfort of the Polysleep mattress in your RV for an optimal sleep and a mattress that lasts over time. You'll never travel this comfortably!


  • Short Queen

    60” x 75” x 10” - 57 lbs

  • The Polysleep RV Mattress is made of 4 layers of foam, and measures 10" high.

    - 41% Polyviscose, 58% Polyester, 1% Spandex - Liquid Repellent - Soft & premium quality mesh

    First Layer
    - Polysleep ventilated antimicrobial viscoelastic hybrid foam - Density of 3.0lb / ft3 (Certified ISO 20743)
    Second Layer - Transition polyurethane foam - Density of 1.8lb / ft3

    Third Layer
    - Supportive polyurethane foam - Density of 1.8lb / ft3

    Contour Layer
    - Proprietary polyurethane foam support frame - Density of 2.0lb / ft3.

    All our foams are latex free.

  • We offer free shipping in Canada. For the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, please note that there will be an added charge for shipping.

  • Our foams are certified by the CertiPUR-US® program, meaning they are made without ozone depleting chemicals and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commision Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

    Our memory foam is also Certified ISO 20743


    Shipping to your door

    100 night trial

    In the comfort
    of your RV

    10 year warranty

    of mind


    Polysleep RV Mattress Unique?

    The Polysleep RV mattress helps you sleep in ultimate comfort while traveling.

    You'll enjoy unparalleled support & comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced materials, for a sleep that exceeds all expectations.

    Your New Mattress

    Less sagging, more support

    The Polysleep RV mattress offers an integrated support frame for a more durable mattress over time. This means less sagging at the edges, making it easier to get up from your mattress!

    Antimicrobial foam

    A healthier sleeping surface that reduces the growth of bacteria in your mattress. Hasta la vista, germs!

    Temperature regulation

    The foam used in the Polysleep RV mattress allows for optimal air flow and temperature regulation of your sleeping surface. It keeps you warm when it's cold, and cools you down when it's hot.

    Our Service

    100 night trial

    Testing a mattress in-store for 10 minutes simply doesn't work. You need at least 6 weeks to truly adjust, which is why we offer a 100 night trial.

    Free shipping & simple returns

    We offer free shipping and deliver directly to your door step. Change your mind? A small fee will be deducted from your refund price, but we'll come to you to your place and pick it up!

    10-year warranty

    We're so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a 10 year warranty to offer total peace-of-mind.

    Sleep Like You're At Home...

    On The Road!

    Polysleep mattresses for recreational vehicles, trailers and motor homes offer you the comfort you need on the road. Here are all the reasons why you won't want to go home to your old mattress!

    A healthier sleep surface!

    In a small space like an RV, dust tends to accumulate quickly. Allergies can become more frequent and washing your mattress cover on the road is probably not your priority!

    The Polysleep RV Mattress offers certified medical grade antimicrobial foam.

    What does this mean for you?

    Fewer germs that grow in your mattress and a healthier sleeping surface in the long run!

    Medical grade foam - ISO 20743

    Setup is simple

    Are you already travelling in your RV, or about to hit the road? The Polysleep mattress is shipped very quickly from our factory located in Montreal.

    Forget the logistics of transporting your mattress, you'll receive your mattress rolled up in a box!

    Once you receive it, allow 10 minutes for its installation!

    It's as simple as that!

    Easy setup - Installed in minutes!

    Why choose a good mattress for your RV?

    Alexandre and Valérie from the PRÊTS pour la route channel tell us about their sleep experience with their first trailer and the importance of choosing the right RV mattress.

    A mattress built for the bedroom, but designed for the road!

    Temperature control

    Variations in outdoor climate can be frequent when you change location every day! This can affect the temperature of your RV.

    This is why having a sleep surface that regulates the temperature is important. Our foam reacts perfectly to these variations, so you sleep cool when the temperature rises and vice versa!

    Enjoy a more comfortable sleep

    Versatile space, versatile mattress!

    On the road as well as at home, our bed often has other uses than sleep: work space, breakfast in bed...!

    That's why we have developed a liquid repellent cover. It is also machine washable!

    Liquid-repellent cover

    How Does the Polysleep RV Mattress
    Improve Your Sleep?

    Discover what makes our RV mattress truly unique for more recovery after long days spent on the road!

    Premium Foam

    Open-cell hybrid memory foam for ultimate comfort and support

    Integrated Support Frame

    Less sagging when sitting on the edges of the mattress

    Zero Motion Transfer

    No risk of your partner waking you up by movement

    Breathable Foam

    Better airflow for a more comfortable sleep

    Short-Queen mattress

    Frequently Asked Questions

    See All FAQs
    • The answer is yes, its construction is the same! The Polysleep RV mattress is exactly identical to the Polysleep mattress. The only difference is the RV mattress is shorter so it fits recreational vehicles.

      You also get 100 nights to try it out and a 10-year limited warranty.

    • The new Polysleep RV mattress measures 60" wide x 75" long x 10" thick.

      The mattress has the same standard width as our queen mattress but is 5" shorter. This makes the Polysleep RV Mattress more adaptable to the bed foundation standards of most RVs and trailers.
    • After we've delivered your new Polysleep RV Mattress to you, it's pretty easy! Follow these 3 simple steps:

      1. Unbox your mattress (The cardboard box is 100% recyclable).
      2. Unroll your mattress and remove the shrink-wrap
      3. Sit back and watch it magically expand, voilà!
      4. - (OPTIONAL!) - Make an art piece with your Polysleep Mattress box, and send us a photo!
    See All FAQs

    We make it easy to

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    Get the Ultimate sleep you deserve, for less than the cost of a large cup of coffee per day.

    The Polysleep RV Mattress

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    Whether you are the new owner of a recreational vehicle which needs to be equipped, or a seasoned nomad on Canada's roads thinking about changing your mattress, you can stop your search for an RV mattress manufacturer. We now offer the Polysleep mattress model in a standard version of the Queen mattress for trailers!


    This model is made with the same viscoelastic and antimicrobial hybrid foam found in all of the Polysleep mattress collection. You will have an outstanding quality of sleep while knowing that your body is perfectly supported, all in the comfort of your motorized cocoon.


    Why choose the Polysleep RV Queen foam mattress?


    We are aware that taking the road can be grueling, especially if you are driving for long hours and the children are being restless in the back. It is therefore essential for you to have a restful sleep. This is why our Polysleep mattress, which has proven itself in the bedrooms of Canadian homes, is THE solution with this new version dedicated to camper trailers.


    The Polysleep camping mattress consists of four layers of foam, each one having a specific role to ensure you a perfect night's sleep:


    • A support frame made of extra firm polyurethane foam that reinforces the ends of the mattress to prevent premature sagging.


    • A high-density polyurethane foam base to support and balance the mattress over time.


    • Another polyurethane layer that serves as a transition layer. It allows a better weight distribution, ideal for those who do not sleep alone.


    • A layer of our famous viscoelastic antimicrobial hybrid foam. This way, you can say goodbye to allergens and other germs. In addition, the presence of ventilated open cells guarantees optimal air circulation to effectively regulate the temperature of the mattress. You will never feel too hot or too cold, but always feel fresh.


    Finally, the cover of the Polysleep trailer mattress is liquid repellent which is perfect if you ever roll over a pothole while someone is sipping a Timmy's in the back!


    The foam camping mattress that will make you want to drive around Canada... more than once!


    Buying a foam RV mattress is a real investment that we take seriously. In fact, guaranteeing your satisfaction through excellent quality products is our priority. This is why we use only the best antimicrobial components and optimal ventilation to ensure a longer life for our mattresses. We also allow you to tryout your future mattress for a period of 100 days. As they say, trying it is adopting it!

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