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Foam Mattress in Levis | Free Delivery


If you’re looking for an affordable foam mattress of high quality in Levis and its surroundings, chances are that you’ll start by visiting several mattress stores, to try a few models. But you could also opt for an online mattress, like those proposed at Polysleep! Made in Quebec and offered in various bed sizes, our Polysleep mattresses available in Levis can be delivered very quickly—and for free! —directly to you, in the comfort of your own home, so you can enjoy restful sleep, night after night.


A Mattress in a Box?


All of our mattresses are made of hybrid viscoelastic ventilated foam; so we can compress them, fold them, roll them and put them in a practical transport box, before sending them right to your home! Our friendly online purchase service and our fast delivery service will allow you to order your mattress almost as fast as if you were ordering at a restaurant, with the difference that you’ll enjoy it a whole lot longer than your all-dressed pizza with extra bacon!


What is the Polysleep Mattress made of?


All our foam mattresses in Levis contain hybrid viscoelastic foam, that promotes air circulation and allows you to stay cool all night. The different foam layers will provide you with unbeatable comfort, just as if you were sleeping on a cloud (we’ve never tried it, but that’s what we imagine it’d feel like!).

On top of the viscoelastic foam layer, our mattress includes a spill-proof cover treated with a repellent (in case your little buddy spills the glass of water he was bringing for you), a base layer made of high-density foam that also acts as a boxspring, a transitional layer that ensures maximum support and finally, an extra-firm frame, exclusive to Polysleep, that prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening.


And why not get a Polysleep pillow?


If you’ve ever shopped for a pillow, you know it can be hard to find one that suits you: too big, too small, too thick, not enough… The unique design of the Polysleep pillow, with its 4 removable foam layers of various sizes, will allow you to create the perfect pillow for you! Remove or add foam layers, fold them, roll them, shape them into poodle… well no, we’re not there yet, but maybe some day…

We’re convinced that our Polysleep pillows and mattresses available in the Levis area will offer you the ultimate night's sleep; take advantage of our trial period of 100 nights!

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