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How to choose the right mattress size?
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How to choose the right mattress size?

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Choosing the right bed size is essential. Whether you have 1, 2 or 18 bedrooms in your home, you should make sure that the mattresses you’ll select will suit the needs of the room it's destined for: How large is the bedroom? Who is it for? Here is a small aide-memoire to help you make your choice; following this, you’ll be able to order your mattress online and take advantage of all the benefits of viscoelastic hybrid foam!


What mattress size to choose?


  • Twin (39’’X75’’). This is a perfect size for a child’s bedroom, since not only does it not take a lot of space, but it’s big enough for a kid to sleep in. And good news for your kids, a twin bed in their room will definitely increases the amount of space for toys… and also your chances to step on a doll—or worse, a LEGO block—at two in the morning.

    • Twin XL (39’’X80’’). Your kids have grown up, or you’re the type to prefer sleeping by yourself? With 5 inches (a little over 10 cm) of additional length, it’ll be very appreciated by tall people, or by those who like a slightly bigger bed but don’t have the space for a full bed.

      • Full (54’’X75’’). The perfect bed size for young couples (without kids) or for a guest room, for example. It’s also suitable to escape a spouse that snores too loud or that never stops moving.

        • Queen (60’’X80’’). This is the most popular size. If you like to have room in your bed, that’s the ideal mattress! But if you want, you still get to snuggle up with your other half… liberating enough space for Rex or Junior. We’d rather tell you now. Don't thank us.

          • King (76’’X80’’). Or how to sleep better, since it's the perfect mattress to sleep in the starfish position! To lie down in any direction! To sleep with 34 pillows! Well ok, there's also lots of space for a partner. And the kids. And all your pets if your 2nd name is Dr Doolittle. But it's also very good just for yourself!

            • Californian King (72’’X84’’). Tall people will appreciate this mattress format, longer by 5 inches, but with 5 less inches in width than a standard King bed model. And if you sleep as a couple, you’ll both get your breathing space, which is great if your other half moves nonstop!


            And no matter the size, our Polysleep mattresses in a box are delivered to your door and are easy to transport! Now that you know which size of mattress to choose, all you need to do is order yours today!


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