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The Polysleep mattress: Made in Quebec!
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The Polysleep mattress: Made in Quebec!

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Are you looking to purchase a mattress made in Quebec?

Then you are in the right place. Polysleep, the mattress expert in Canada, offers hybrid foam mattresses made handmade in Montreal, Quebec.

To buy a Polysleep viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress is to enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience with a boxed mattress made of high quality foam.

Order online a mattress made in Quebec, have it delivered to your door and enjoy our 100-night trial.

Your nights will never be the same again!

Discover how Polysleep hybrid foam mattresses can make all the difference!


Is it really a mattress in a box?


Well yes, and it’s also a mattress delivered to your home! Our practical online store allows you to choose the mattress that suits your needs—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Californian King —in just a few clicks. It’s as simple as ordering an electronic device, a pizza or clothes on the Internet! Your mattress will next be compressed and rolled in a box, then sent to your door!


What are Polysleep mattresses made of?


This mattress is the best quality foam mattress you’ll find on the market! Made of several layers of foam, it provides all the support and comfort that you’re looking for when you shop for a mattress:


  • The spill-proof cover. Covered with a liquid repellent, it allows you the time you need to sponge spilled liquids, since they stay on the surface; that’s very convenient when your kids lovingly bring glasses of water or juice to your bed!
  • The top layer. Made of hybrid viscoelastic ventilated foam, it moulds itself to your body, allowing air to circulate, and lowers the firmness and temperature where it identifies pressure points, in a few seconds. So you’ll stay cool all night!
  • The transition layer. Located under the top layer, it’s the one that provides all the support you need.
  • The base layer. It also acts as a boxspring.
  • The extra-firm support frame. No other mattress made in Quebec proposes this feature! Its configuration allows the mattress to stay in place and not flatten out when you sit on the edge of the bed.


As well as our Polysleep mattress, you’ll find on our site two other models of mattresses: the Origin and the Zephyr. While the first is our entry-range model, offering 2 layers of hybrid foam, the second is made of 5 layers, including 2 central layers of viscoelastic ventilated foam. But no matter the model you’ll choose, it’ll give you quality sleep (and that's what we’re all looking for, no?).

In addition to mattresses, we sell foam pillows, that can be adjusted for all types of sleepers. The Polysleep pillow features layers of adjustable foam that you can roll or remove, to “create” a personalized pillow; try it in combination with our mattress and go to the next level of sleep quality!


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