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Foam Mattress in St-Jerome | Free Delivery

Shopping online for a new mattress isn’t the first thing that comes to mind; clothes, ok, a microwave, alright, but a mattress? And yet, more and more companies offer the option to purchase their mattresses online, a fact that makes the life of consumers a lot easier! If you live in the St-Jerome area or elsewhere in the Laurentians, you’ll also be able to buy your Polysleep mattress on the web and take advantage of our practical delivery options, directly to your home.


A product Made in Quebec


Entirely made in Quebec, our mattresses in a box were created with the help of chemists specialized in foam, and we work each and every day to offer you the best mattress there is. Our various models—Origin, Polysleep and Zephyr—are available in several sizes, namely:


  • Twin;
  • Twin XL;
  • Full;
  • Queen;
  • King;
  • Californian King.


To find out how to choose the size of your mattress, depending on the size of the bedroom and on its intended use, consult our blog on this subject! But no matter what size or model you’ll select, our foam mattresses available in the St-Jerome area will let you enjoy unparalleled sleep! Also try it with our Polysleep pillow, easily customizable thanks to its adjustable foam layers!


How are Polysleep Mattresses made?


To provide you with the most restful sleep, all our mattresses offer several foam layers of high quality, each with its own unique function. Even more, all our foam mattresses can be delivered to your door and this, whether you live in St-Jerome or elsewhere in the country!


For example, our Polysleep Mattresses are composed of:



  • A base layer made of high-density foam that acts as a boxspring;
  • A transitional layer, designed to provide you with maximum support;
  • An extra-firm frame, unique on the market, that reinforces the structure to prevent the sides from flattening out; you’ll realize the difference when you sit on the edge of the bed to put your socks on!
  • A top layer, made of hybrid viscoelastic foam, that conforms to your body’s shape and wicks moisture away, to ensure you keep cool all night;
  • A liquid-repellent cover that prevents liquids from penetrating the mattress if, for example, you spill your coffee when having breakfast in bed!


Lastly, you’ll enjoy a trial period of 100 nights, during which you’ll have the option to return your mattress if you’re not entirely satisfied. Why 100 nights? Because we know it takes some time—at least 2-3 weeks—to adapt when you buy a new mattress, and we want to make sure you get to fully experience our product.

Everybody is entitled to a good quality of sleep, that is why we work hard so that our Polysleep mattresses in St-Jerome fulfill the needs of the widest possible range of buyers!

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