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Proven fact: when looking for sleep-related products, including mattresses, around Laval and Montreal, “Dormez-Vous” remains a must and has been for a long time! However, with the Internet, consumers now have more choice with the number of competitors offering beds in a box that can be purchased online! And among the biggest manufacturers selling their beds and other sleep related products on the web and through independent resellers is Polysleep. How do these two major players in sleep compare? What are the reviews of Dormez-Vous Stores near Laval? Read on to find out!

Regarding Dormez-Vous, they claim to be the largest retailers of mattresses and sleep-related products, including pillows, in Quebec. The company has more than 60 stores, including 24 in the Montreal area. Owned by the Sleep Country group which operates in the rest of the country, Dormez-Vous was born in Montreal in January 2006 with the opening of 5 stores on the island.

Polysleep is very different. Indeed, they only sell their products online! The first advantage is simplifying the purchasing process: less travel and clear information. Polysleep also offers its products through independent retailers across the country. This creates the perfect balance between selling on the web and buying in-store. We also call for the importance of being as close as possible to our customers, and that is why our product improvement processes are based on their experience. Knowing that we design and produce all our products locally in the Montreal area of ​​Quebec (we are therefore very responsive in the evolution of the characteristics of our products, in order to always better meet your needs!

And this goes through the products and services that we compared to Dormez-Vous in Montreal! If we support product lines similar to them (mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers, box springs, mattress protectors), the similarities end there! We offered innovations that made a difference (eg. Exclusive support contour of Polysleep Mattresses and Zephyr Mattresses announced the premature sag, or even the Nanobionic technology exclusive to Polysleep) and which make our models better mattresses. In addition, unlike the foams used in mattresses sold by Dormez-Vous, the one we use is a hybrid antimicrobial foam of very advanced medical grade.

We are also innovating in the services that we are strengthening. Unlike Dormez-Vous, we do not take any sales commission. Likewise, we deliver your order right to your door for free if you purchase from our website, and returns are free for mattresses!

It is for all these reasons that we believe we are making a difference every day in terms of sleep with Canadians, and that we set ourselves apart from Dormez-Vous stores, but also from the rest of the industry, in Laval, as elsewhere in the country. Finally, we sincerely hope that you see it in the Dormez-Vous reviews that we have listed below. Hope to count you very soon in the great Polysleep family!

Average ratings

Currently, among the outlets of Dormez-Vous according to their website, the company has 60 in the QC region, and 60 in the Montreal region. We have compiled both the best and the worst customer reviews for Dormez-Vous in the QC and Montreal regions for you.

Total score

For Dormez-Vous stores in the QC region, out of a total of 1625 reviews for 60 stores, the overall average rating is 4.07.

Avis par localisations - Matelas Dauphin

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Dormez-vous? - Montréal, QC

Great Service! Employee Madrick was helpful with answering all my questions & I'm extremely satisfied with my purchases. Will be back at this location for future purchases!

Reviews by locations - Dormez-Vous

Dormez-vous? - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montreal, QC

Dormez-vous - Westmount, QC

Dormez-vous - Montreal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

Dormez-Vous - Montréal, QC

Dormez-vous - Montreal, QC

Dormez-vous - Kirkland, QC

Dormez-vous - Laval, QC

Dormez-vous - Pointe-Claire, QC

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