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Finding Sleep in a Box

"Every mattress has a recipe," says Jeremiah Curvers, co-founder and CEO of Polysleep. The quality of the foam, the number of layers and the presence of a band all around to make the mattress firmer at the ends, ...

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Quebecers' Favorite Mattress

Is your mattress a source of good sleep or insomnia? If the latter, it may be time for a new one. It's a good time of year: moving season is the perfect time to get a new mattress.

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A Responsibly Designed Antimicrobial Mattress Delivered Directly To You

Research and development are a constant concern at Polysleep. The company also involves its customers by taking into account their experiences and opinions.

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Why buy a mattress made in Quebec?

Renowned athletes, such as Patrick Mekari, offensive guard for the Baltimore Ravens (NFL) and Dennis Barret, track and field coach and high performance athlete at McGill University and elsewhere, use the Polysleep mattress and have nothing but praise for it.

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Polysleep's Premium Zephyr Mattress Will Help You Catch More Z's

I’ve been having shoulder problems off and on since working from home due to the pandemic and I can honestly say my condition has improved since sleeping on this mattress.

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Now’s the Time to Start Your Online Holiday Shopping

Now that winter is setting in, it’s time to up the comfort in the bedroom. A customizable pillow that fits all sleep styles is a sure winner. The Polysleep Standard Pillow, (free shipping within Canada).

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Prep for a summer road trip

Polysleep gets into the RV game with their new RV Mattress. Your sleep is like just at home with this mattress which fits standard RVs and trailers. This mattress also offers certified medical-grade antimicrobial foam, so fewer germs and a healthier sleeping surface to be on in the long run.

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I tried this made-in-Canada memory foam pillow, and it totally changed the way I sleep

Part one of my test involved using the pillow to prop myself up and read in bed, and I was already impressed by how much support it provided to my lower back.

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Innovative Sleep Solutions from Polysleep Montreal's Polysleep offers maximum comfort, innovation and customer satisfaction

By listening carefully to customer feedback, Polysleep continues to champion product improvement.

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Polysleep Zephyr mattress review: 30 days of sleep testing

Now, thirty days after starting my undercover (or under the covers,) assignment, I look forward to ending my day on the Zephyr. It offers a solid yet super cozy sleep — something my dog knew all along.

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This Made-in-Canada Mattress Could Give You Your Best Sleep Ever

Why Polysleep wins out over every other brand on the market.

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The Polysleep Baby Mattress

Unlike other brands on the market focused only on the surface, affecting the quality of your sleep, Polysleep is the only Canadian brand that genuinely cares about your sleeping needs, providing you with the best sleep performance...

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Want sweeter dreams? Invest in the right mattress to boost your health

I needed the best mattress, and I decided to focus entirely on Polysleep and a mattress prototype because health and good sleep are essential for people’s well-being,...

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15 Horrible Situations You Want to Avoid During Your Next House-moving

If you want to replace your hatred of your old bed with the joy of sleeping like a baby, the Polysleep mattress brand can help you.

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Why Adjusting the Polysleep Pillow Will Help You Sleep Better?

Suaad Fitness, founder of the Hot Booty Ballet explains on Global News Montreal how to play with the different layers of the Polysleep Pillow to get a better night's sleep.

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Innovating the Science of Sleep

Polysleep featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® to discuss how they are innovating the science of sleep.

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A Boxed Mattress Delivered by Bike!

"We save the customer from having to talk to a representative and from having to go to a store to test the comfort of a mattress for only 10 minutes"

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I Got 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night For A Week And Here Are My Results

Although the number of hours that I slept last week made a difference, I owe my mood and well-being to my Polysleep mattress.

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Cultural Enterprises: For a Financing Strategy "fully coherent"

The Quebec start-up company Polysleep, specialized in the online sale of mattresses in a box, is one of those who has answered the call of the seventh art, through their marketing initiatives.

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Best Sleep Possible

The Polysleep Mattress, Canada’s best mattress-in-a-box, offers consumers the ultimate quality mattress at the most affordable price in its category. Pushing its limits to offer customers the best Sleep possible…

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Moving Tips and Tricks

Are you moving on July 1? Home décor expert Karl Lohnes joins Global’s Andrea Howick with his moving tips and tricks to prepare for the big day.

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