The Polysleep Foundation

The Polysleep Foundation
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The Polysleep Foundation conveniently ships to your door in a compact box. It takes less than 10 minutes for one person to set up, and zero tools are required. It's lightweight, durable, and suits any decor. The perfectly slatted base allows air to flow through, resulting in a better night's sleep.

*Please note that we do not offer a trial period, reimbursement, or returns on the Polysleep foundation.
The Polysleep Foundation
The Polysleep Foundation
The Polysleep Foundation
The Polysleep Foundation


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The Polysleep Foundation

Credit available from PayBright

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Measurements & dimensions


37 1/2” x 74” x 7 1/4” - 56 lbs

Twin XL

37 1/2” x 79” x 7 1/4” - 58 lbs


52 1/2” x 74” x 7 1/4” - 64 lbs


59 1/2” x 79” x 7 1/4” - 69 lbs


75 1/2” x 79” x 7 1/4” - 85 lbs

Cal King

71 1/2” x 83” x 7 1/4” - 84 lbs

Box dimensions

75" x 15" x 9" - 56 lbs
75" x 15" x 9" - 58 lbs
75" x 15" x 9" - 64 lbs
75" x 15" x 9" - 69 lbs
77" x 15" x 12" - 85 lbs
79" x 15" x 12" - 84 lbs


The Polysleep Foundation is made of solid wood using both pine and spruce, both are a strong and more durable natural wood, slat spacing is 3.5". The wood is covered with a non-woven inner lining (also for the slats), and a woven outer lining. The metal connectors are standard corner slides, and the corner blocks are made of hardened glass resin plastic.

Country of origin

The Foundation is predominately manufactured in the United States. Some parts of the box spring are manufactured outside the United States.


In order to offer you peace of mind, we include a 1-year limited warranty on the foundation. Read more

Please note that we do not offer a trial or returns for the Polysleep foundation.

Shipping Info

Our Foundations are shipped via UPS Standard in the USA and Canada directly from our warehouse to your door. By doing this we cut out 3rd party distribution methods, lowering our carbon footprint.

Shipping costs

We offer free shipping in Canada. For the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, please note that there will be an added charge for shipping.

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The benefits of a box spring...

... without the hassle of a box spring!

Zero tools required

Using Fast-Loc Block technology, the Polysleep Foundation assembles in less than 10 minutesand locks in place, making the process incredibly easy.

Set up in minutes, sleep soundly for hours.

Set up in minutes, Sleep sound for hours.

Prevents Allergies

The Polysleep Foundation provides ultimate air circulation. This reduces dust build up, and helps to keep allergens away.

Anti-Skid Material

Using durable anti-skid material, your mattress will stay in place better than if "The Rock" was holding it in place.

A Long-lasting Mattress

It has perfectly spaced slats that allow air to flow through, extending the life of your mattress.


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Frequently Asked Question

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  • Yes. Every Polysleep Foundation features a center support rail that quickly slides into place.
  • Generally, it takes less than 10 minutes to completely assemble your Polysleep Foundation. Are you moving? Disassembly is equally as fast, and it can be stored or transported in the provided box its shipped in.
  • Every Polysleep Foundation includes:
    - 2 Upholstered end rails
    - 2 Upholstered side rails
    - 1 Center support rail
    - 4 Fast-Loc pins
    - 2 Slat packs (6 slats per pack)
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The Polysleep Foundation

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Have you had enough of sleeping with your mattress directly on the floor? You’re melting from the heat in the summer and are afraid of turning into an icicle this winter? We understand you. That’s why you need a bed base worthy of the name. It was totally logical for Polysleep, the foam mattress expert, to undertake the next step of its relentless approach to finding the perfect sleep experience: designing THE ultimate base for foam mattresses. And you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve designed not a bed base, but THE bed base you need, no matter your type of mattress!


Our Foundation is:



  • Easy to set up (yes really, not like furniture from the Swedish brand we won’t mention by name).
  • Durable, thanks to premium quality materials.
  • Perfectly adapted to your bed, and so to your sleep, thanks to its design.



No need to be an engineer to assemble the Foundation for the Polysleep foam mattress!


Have you always thought that the expressions “easy to assemble” or “easy assembly” fall under the false advertising column, especially when stated by that Swedish company? We think so too at Polysleep. That’s why we made sure that when we promise you a maximum assembly time of 10 minutes for your Polysleep Foundation, it’ll actually take 10 minutes! And like pit stop technicians aiming for a tire change time record, we’ve tackled this task with the additional challenge of not needing tools to mount the bed base. And since we’re far from being engineers and we succeeded, it’ll be as easy for you as it was for us!


A most durable Foundation that’ll follow you in the long term!


Our Foundation is, unlike a Formula 1 car, able to take on A LOT. In fact, we’ve chosen to use nothing less than solid wood (pine/spruce) with for maximum durability. We’ve also paid extra attention to details, with a non-woven inner lining, including the slats, and a woven outer lining! The metal connectors are standard corner slides, while the corner blocks are made of hardened glass resin plastic, for even more sturdiness.


The Polysleep bed base is the ultimate foundation, no matter your bed!


No matter if you own a foam mattress nor if it comes from Polysleep, our foundation will perfectly adapt itself to your mattress. Our foundation is available for all standard bed sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King). You’ll be sure to find the perfect bed base for your mattress. What is more, our base is slatted to not only guarantee durability but also optimize its air flow. You will always be at the right temperature to sleep in summer and winter alike!


Using a bed base, and more specifically the Polysleep Foundation, is no longer arguable. More comfort with optimal air circulation, easy to put together without tools and great durability thanks to the quality of Polysleep products. All you have to do is order one!

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The Polysleep Foundation

The Polysleep Foundation

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