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  • It usually takes 1-2 business days to process the order(s). Depending on the city you live in, delivery in Canada usually takes 2 to 7 business days. In total, it will take 4 to 9 business days for you to be able to sleep on your Polysleep mattress.
  • We suggest that you be at home while your item is out for delivery, to ensure its safety and avoid any potential theft or damage. You can obtain an updated status of your order by registering with the appropriate carrier for your particular case (UPS, FedEx, or, more rarely, Canada Post) and signing up for notifications on their website. Please note that our carrier may leave the package in front of the door if no one answers the doorbell and no hiding place is immediately visible. If you are unable to be present during the delivery, do consider providing an alternate address where someone can receive the package on your behalf, such as a neighbor, friend, or your workplace by registering this information directly with the carrier after logging into their website.
  • We do not offer this service. You can refer to a local charity. Many cities also provide bulk recycling pick-up if your items are wrapped in a plastic furniture bag. Check out your municipality’s website for more info.
  • To unbox your Polysleep mattress, simply follow these simple steps for a hassle-free setup: Start by placing the compact box in the desired room. Carefully open the box, ensuring not to damage the mattress inside. Once open, gently slide the mattress out and onto your bed frame or foundation. Next, carefully cut away and remove the plastic packaging, allowing the mattress to expand. Give your mattress some time to fully regain its shape. While the mattress may be ready for use almost immediately, it's recommended that you allow 24-72 hours for it to reach its optimal form. Enjoy your new Polysleep mattress!

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