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The Best Mattress Canada Ever Made

And We Can Prove It

If you've made it this far, we wanted to say congratulations...patience is a virtue!

You're probably bombarded by companies telling you they have the best mattress, but where's the proof?

We built this page for that exact reason & to answer that question once and for all. We offer the Best Mattress Canada Ever Made, here's how...

Here's How We Do It

It starts with our Premium Hybrid Foam

We're not reinventing the wheel, our mattresses are still square.
Using advanced technology, we've put all our efforts into improving the foam that's used inside our products. We develop and manufacture our own unique premium hybrid foam locally for a better rest.

The other guys?
Sometimes too soft, sometimes too hard, but mostly too short on quality.
Making Local Affordable

Our mattresses are priced to offer our customers the best product possible. We're proud to compete in an international market while making our products here in Canada.

The other guys?
How comfortable will their mattress be in 5 years?The answer...probably not as comfortable as ours.

We invest our time and money to provide you with the best product possible,instead of spending it on marketing a lesser quality product.
Hi, We're Real!

We're proud to be a privately owned Canadian company.Our customers drive the direction of our company, not a board of executives.

Our team focuses on developing better products, and providing transparency to our customers along the way.

Questions? Here's our CEO's email:

The other guys?
Chasing The Unicorn (seeking capital investments) VS researching the best way to improve their products and customer experience.


Sleep Now,
Pay Later with

Get the Ultimate sleep you deserve, for less than the cost of a large cup of coffee per day.

The best foam mattress in Canada

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A good mattress is essential to enjoy restful sleep and to avoid soreness; that's why Polysleep created the best foam mattress in Canada! With the help of chemists specialized in foam design, our team developed the Polysleep mattress, that’ll give you dreamy nights… both literally and figuratively! Designed and manufactured in Canada, our product is the best foam mattress on the market and is available in all bed sizes.

With Polysleep, shopping for a mattress online will have never been so easy; try it right now and take advantage of our delivery service offered everywhere in Canada! Meanwhile, here are a few facts proving that Polysleep offers the best mattress in Canada!

Our mattress arrives rolled directly in a box... practical, right?

Our Polysleep mattresses are made from various foam layers, including a top layer of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam that promotes air circulation. So, you’ll keep cool all night, without that unpleasant feeling of humid warmth that makes us push away our blankets… to pick them back up 10 minutes later, shivering!

The other layers of our mattress are the base layer—that also acts as a boxspring and is made of high-density foam. Next is the transition layer, that offers the most complete support, the extra-firm frame and the liquid-repellent cover. By identifying pressure points, our mattresses can, in a few seconds, relax the firmness and reduce the temperature at these exact spots, so you enjoy unparalleled sleep.

The unique design of our high-density foam also ensures that your mattress can be folded, rolled and delivered in a box, while expanding back to its original shape in just a few minutes!

Remarkably better support than the competition.

By offering well above average support and an extra-firm support frame exclusive on the market, our mattress won’t flatten out and this, whether you sit in the middle to watch TV or on the edge to lace your shoes. The Endy and Casper models can’t say as much, the proof is right here!

Discover our mattress delivered in a box!

Although our competitors also deliver their mattress rolled in a box, our Polysleep mattresses go back to their original shape in just a few minutes. Even more, when you’ll open the box, you won’t smell unpleasant chemical odors, unlike some of our competitors’ mattresses that can smell for several days.

No matter your morphology, the Polysleep mattress moulds itself to the shape of your body to give you a very restful sleep; don’t hesitate to try our mattress right now and enjoy our trial period of 100 nights!

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