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Press Kit

Hey there! We love press, here’s everything you need to put your story together, as well as how to reach us!

Our Story

Founded in 2016 and proudly Canadian, Polysleep was born with a big dream, to provide the ultimate sleep experience. We've worked hard to come up with a unique mattress that combines innovation, comfort, and support.
Being Canadian means so much more than hockey and maple syrup, being Canadian is about caring about each other. From our clients to our team, our partners to our non-profit initiatives, helping Canadians is at the core of everything we do.

Our local production allows us to improve our products based entirely on customer feedback continuously.
Our mattresses aren't shipped in a box because it's cool. Using innovative technology, we offer a superior product at a lower price, while lowering our carbon footprint.
Involved with hundreds of local charitable organizations across Canada, we donate 1 mattress to a Canadian in need for every 10 mattresses sold.

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We’d love to hear from you! Contact us for interview and speaker requests. Any additional media requests can be sent to

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