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The Polysleep Experience 😴

We thank you for your trust and congratulate you on making the best decision for your well-being by purchasing a new Polysleep mattress.

As you may know, all our mattresses have been carefully manufactured and meticulously assembled by hand in Canada. You can be proud to support a Canadian company that offers our customers the best quality products possible.
We hope it will live up to your expectations. Actually, we know it will! We are happy that sleeping will finally mean recovering from your busy day-to-day life.

Our motto is wellness through sleep and that special experience starts for you, right now!

Your next step in enjoying your Polysleep Mattress is by navigating this page for all the information you may need to get started. If you have any questions related to your purchase, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service representatives who will surely answer all your questions with a big smile!

- The Polysleep Team

How to Unbox your Polysleep Mattress?

1. Tear Open your Polybox

You just received your mattress and can't wait to try it. But first, put the box with the tear label in front of you and open it as easy as a pizza box.

2. Unroll your Mattress

Pull out the mattress from the box and place it on your bed frame or foundation. Make sure the mattress is on the right side (purple side down).

3. Unwrap with Scissors

Be careful with your new mattress - don't cut it! Slowly remove the 2 layers of plastic. Watch the magic unfold once you remove the first layer.

4. Enjoy the Best Sleep EVER!!!

It should expand almost instantly. Sometimes, it can take up to a few hours. You can jump in it right NOW. Sweet dreams and... enjoy!

What is the Adjustment Period of a Mattress?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Put the mattress on a firm base (floor, plywood board, etc.).
  • Consider your room temperature = make it colder!
  • Get a firmer mattress topper.
  • Your bed can become soft from absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Change your sleeping position!

  • Replace your foundation by something making your mattress softer.
  • Get a soft mattress topper.
  • Consider your room temperature = make it warmer!
  • Change your sleeping position!

People have different body types and shapes. Our mattresses are medium-firm and designed with our customer’s ultimate comfort in mind. Our Premium Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam offers ultimate support and comfort. Unlike traditional memory foam, it regains its original shape quicker and provides better airflow. Our proprietary integrated support frame keeps the mattress from flattening out when you sit along the edge and reinforces the entire structure. Our mattresses are between 6.0/10 and 7.5/10 for firmness, and a 10/10 for quality, comfort, and value.

The more support you have under your mattress the better. That being said, all Polysleep Mattresses are designed to work with standard support frames.

The Polysleep Mattress is designed to regulate your body temperature. We use an open-cell foam for better air circulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter!


No, you can’t flip your mattress as the Polysleep Mattress is designed with a top and a bottom side. However, as with all mattresses, if you sleep alone on one side or have an important weight difference with your partner, we do recommend that you rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 6 months.

Because accidents happen, our mattress cover is liquid-repellant.

You can clean the cover with mild detergent. We don’t recommend machine washing it as it may shrink. You may not want to use a mattress protector when drying the mattress as you need the mattress to breath.


Once your Polysleep Mattress is out of the box, it won’t fit back inside the box. We use large industrial machines to compress our mattresses, so it won’t go back into its original package.

You can sleep on your Polysleep Mattress right away after unpacking it from the box and removing the plastic.

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