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5-minute bedtime stories for children
Lilly and Kenya’s way of flying
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Lilly and Kenya’s way of flying

5-minute bedtime stories for children

Lilly and Kenya’s way of flying

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In a forest on top of a hill, in a little blue house, lived a dog named Lilly and her human companion, Kenya.

When Kenya wasn’t in school, she would take Lilly through the paths in the forest; Kenya would ride on her bike, and Lilly would follow her tentatively. They’d explore the forest together through the narrow paths and look at the trees. Towards the end of the forest, where one could see the sun setting, the path became wider so that Lilly and Kenya could be next to each other as they went down the hill. Lilly loved the feeling of running down it - the breeze in her fur, the fast-passing view of the mushrooms and trees in her periphery, and the magical feeling that she was flying through the air. Sometimes, during the way down, she looked at Kenya on her bicycle with her feet outstretched and off the pedals, the wheels moving infinitely fast, and she thought of how magical Kenya must have felt on that machine, even more than Lilly did with her own four legs. Of course Lilly loved running, but Kenya did something even more amazing! She balanced on a vehicle, and she miraculously made it move by turning its pedals. Lilly wanted to be able to do that, more than anything, but she’s never heard of any dog riding a bicycle before.

One day, without telling Kenya, Lilly went to the garage where Kenya’s bicycle was and tried to devise a plan to ride it. She would have to find a way to sit on it first. Once she was able to get her body on the seat, then…

She lifted her upper body up so that her paws were resting on the top of the wheel. She brought them even higher to reach the seat, and then took a leap of faith, hoping her back legs would land above the wheel and behind the seat. They did, but at the same time, her front legs couldn’t reach the handles and she fell to the side, taking the bicycle down with her.

CLANG, it sounded as it hit the ground.

Kenya heard the noise and ran to the garage. She saw Lilly sitting bashfully next to the fallen bicycle. Lilly? What happened? She laughed as she scooped Lilly up from the ground. Kenya saw Lilly look sadly at the bike and, immediately, she understood. You want something to ride too, huh? Kenya knew what to do. She asked her dad to build something with wheels that Lilly could fit in.

They built her a wooden platform with a wide rubber handle for her paws to rest on, and by pushing it on either side she could control which way the wheels would turn. When Kenya showed it to Lilly, she was so ecstatic she jumped around Kenya, her tail wagging wildly.

They went to a small incline in the forest to test out Lilly’s new vehicle.

Okay, Lilly, this is it! Lilly hopped in the contraption excitedly, and Kenya gave it a little push. It rolled down the slope for ten seconds. Although Lilly could feel the breeze in her fur, she didn’t like the feeling of instability when she was on the platform, it felt a lot better when she was fully in control. Is this what Kenya feels when she’s riding the bicycle? It can’t be!, Lilly thought. She barked, letting Kenya know she wanted to get off. After Kenya put Lilly on the ground, Lilly lay on the grass and sighed. She was a dog with four legs, not a human, and that meant she could never feel what Kenya felt while riding her bike.

Kenya sat down with her and stroked her fur as she thought of an idea, to make Lilly realize what amazing things she could do.

You know what? Let’s go down the big hill, running. Both of us! Kenya wouldn’t bring her bike this time.

They walked slowly to it, Lilly trailing behind Kenya with her head down in disappointment. Kenya knew Lilly’s sour mood would get better soon,

I’ll race you, okay Lilly? Kenya said before they went down. Lilly cocked her head at this. They never raced before. Kenya would always ride ahead of Lilly on her bike, but now…

Ready… set… go!

As soon as Lilly heard go, she darted down the hill, bouncing through the light air, and it felt like her legs were going infinitely fast, so fast that she didn’t feel the gravity pulling her paws to the ground.

She looked beside her to Kenya, who was already way behind her! Lilly reached the bottom and ran in a few circles before she want back up to where Kenya was. Kenya collapsed onto the ground in a sitting position, belting out joyous laughs, and let Lilly onto her lap. Do you see how fast you are, Lilly? I need a bike, but you don’t! You can fly all by yourself!

From that day on, Lilly knew not to be upset that she couldn’t ride a bicycle, because she learned that all creatures can do unique, amazing things.


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