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The Origin 2.0 Mattress vs IKEA AMSOSEN Mattress
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The Origin 2.0 Mattress vs IKEA AMSOSEN Mattress

What could be better than the feeling of having slept well? Feeling energized, rested, and clear-headed as you start your day is priceless. And the key to a truly restful night's sleep is a good mattress. 

Except a "good mattress" is a subjective notion, which varies greatly from one sleeper to another! Certain parameters, such as ideal firmness, for example, vary immensely depending on the user. In this respect, it's worth noting that memory foam mattresses are generally appreciated for their intermediate firmness, which suits a large number of sleepers. 

In any case, to help you make your choice, we offer a series of comparisons between our mattresses and those of different brands. Today's duel pits Polysleep's Origin 2.0 mattress against the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress

Much more than a simple analysis of data collected on the Internet, this comparative study is based on a battery of tests carried out on each mattress. For these tests, we called on 4 members of our team in order to obtain more objective and detailed results. 

Remember, though: whatever the verdict of the study, make your choice according to your own specific expectations and preferences. The Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN duel is on!

Unpacking: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

It may not seem like it, but unpacking is an important step to consider when looking for the perfect mattress. The way a mattress is packaged can tell you a lot about its quality. Unpacking can also provide crucial information, such as the presence of chemicals.

Origin 2.0 Mattress

The box weighs between 33 pounds for a twin size and 64 pounds for a king size, so it's always best for two people to carry it.

All mattresses from Polysleep come in minimalist-looking boxes made from recycled and fully compostable cardboard to reduce the carbon footprint. Even if the process of unboxing is simple as 1,2,3 there is a QR code on the box that goes in dept in the process and give additional information on the mattress.

It opens from the top when the box is leaning horizontally on the ground, kind of like a pizza box. The instruction on the box makes it easy to quickly understand how to open the box to reveal the vacuum-packed rolled mattress.

The box contains only the mattress and one small paper insert. There are no additional tools such as a cutter to avoid as much waste as possible.

Once you remove the mattress from the 2 plastic bags - carefully with a pair of scissors or a knife - the mattress instantly takes is shape in seconds. The mattress will take 24 hours to fully expand, but most of the job to sleep on it is already done within the first seconds. When we unpacked this mattress, we didn't smell anything like some other roll-packed mattresses do.


The packed mattress weighs around 76 lbs, so two people are required to carry it. 

IKEA AMSOSEN is delivered in double packaging. The first plastic layer contains the vacuum-packed mattress. The whole is contained in a second layer, also made of plastic. 

Unpacking the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is slightly complicated: you have to cut the two layers of plastic, trying not to damage the mattress.

The packaging contains only the mattress and instructions for unpacking and use. 

Once the packaging has been removed, the mattress takes around 72 hours to fully unfold, which is quite a long time. However, you can use your mattress before it fully unfolds. 

There was a slight chemical odor after unpacking, but this evaporated after a few hours.


Construction: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

Passionate about sleep, our staff investigate in depth to determine the potential of each mattress. For this study, we also examined the structure of Polysleep and IKEA mattresses.

Origin 2.0 Mattress

Polysleep's Origin 2.0 mattress features 3 layers of premium foam. It measures approximately 10 inches in thickness. 

The mattress, which is CertiPUR-US certified, is made entirely of foam. It contains no latex or harmful chemicals. The top layer is ISO 20743 certified, confirming its antibacterial properties. 

Breathable cover: water-resistant and removable by zipper. Machine washable. 

Antimicrobial comfort layer (1 inch): ISO 20743-certified antimicrobial foam. The top layer prevents the proliferation of microbes and mites. In addition to promoting healthy sleep, it guarantees a longer mattress life. 

Transition layer (2 inches): the middle layer is made of aerated foam, which effectively isolates movement and vibration within the mattress. This material also facilitates air circulation. The result: a more stable mattress that's always fresh. 

Support layer (7 inches): this base layer provides incomparable support and reinforcement. Made up of millions of foam cells, it redistributes weight evenly, for exceptional comfort.

  • {

    3 layers of foam

  • {

    Antimicrobial certified foam

  • {

    CertiPUR-US certified

  • {

    Made in Canada

  • 1

    Soft & Removable Cover
    Sturdy zipper mechanism that allows cover to be washed if accidents or spill happen.

  • 2

    Comfy Antimicrobial Foam
    The antimicrobial treatment is mixed into all of this foam layer following health strict norms.

  • 3

    Supportive Transitional & Support Base
    Soft comfort foam for a better transition to the base layer.


The structure of the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is relatively simple: it consists of three foam layers, one of which is memory foam. 

It's important to note that the AMSOSEN mattress is the only IKEA mattress to contain fiberglass, a potentially hazardous material. 

This mattress is equipped with a non-water-repellent, zippered cover

A comfort layer in viscoelastic foam is enhanced by a gel layer that preserves freshness. 

The transition layer in memory foam reduces pressure and facilitates relaxation.

A thick, soft foam support layer offers greater comfort.

  • {

    3 layers of foam

  • 1

    Equipped with a non-water-repellent, zippered cover

  • 2

    Comfort layer
    Viscoelastic foam enhanced by a gel layer

  • 3

    Transition layer
    Memory foam that reduces pressure

  • 4

    Support layer
    Thick, soft foam support layer


Firmness: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

When you're looking for the mattress of your dreams, firmness is one of the first criteria to be considered. It's the factor that largely determines both the level of support and the comfort of the mattress. 

There is no scientific method for measuring firmness. It is mainly subjective: each person evaluates it according to how they feel. The ideal firmness will depend on the sleeper's profile (age, build, preferred sleeping position...). 

For this test, each mattress was tested under the same environmental conditions: a temperature of 18°C and a humidity level of 28%. A Polysleep base was used for both mattresses. 

Each test was carried out one week after unpacking. 4 members of our team lay on each mattress for 30 minutes. The degree of firmness was assessed on a subjective scale from 1 to 10.

Origin 2.0 Mattress


Recommended by experts

Designed to satisfy a variety of sleep preferences, the Origin 2.0 mattress offers an intermediate firmness. 

It is ideal for those seeking the optimum balance between support and comfort. Strategically alternating layers of high-quality foam ensure consistent support for all sleeper profiles. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, the Origin 2.0 mattress will adapt to your natural sleeping position. 

We'd rate the firmness of Origin 2.0 at 7/10. 

As the mattress structure is made up of total layers, we don't recommend it for users weighing over 220 lbs. For people over 220 lbs, it's best to invest in a mattress with reinforced support zones, such as the Zephyr 2.0 or Aura Mattresses. These will ensure better spinal alignment.



Recommended by experts

The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress offers intermediate firmness and fairly good support. 

This mattress is a good option for those who sleep on their back or side. It's also a good choice if you tend to get hot at night

We rate the firmness of the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress at 6/10. 


Please note: This mattress tends to sag over time, which has a considerable influence on its firmness.


Water Test: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

When you're looking for the perfect mattress, do you check that it's waterproof

Resistance to water and liquids is a factor not to be overlooked when buying a new mattress. This feature is a major contributor to its durability. It limits marks and other damage caused by perspiration or everyday accidents.

Origin 2.0 Mattress

The Origin 2.0 mattress features a lightweight, water-resistant, breathable cover. The cover is easily removable for washing. 

For our water test, we poured around 2 cups of water onto the mattress surface. The water was instantly repelled by the water-repellent cover and drained directly onto the floor. The remaining liquid was wiped away, leaving no trace. To have a full waterproof protection, we would suggest adding our waterproof mattress protector.


The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is not equipped with a water-repellent cover, making it vulnerable to moisture and liquids. 

Our water test on this mattress is unequivocal: any water spilled was immediately absorbed, showing that the mattress is not resistant to liquids.


Motion Test: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

Your darling is the apple of your eye... But you could do without their sudden movements during the night! While they are running a half-marathon in their dreams, you're having a hard time staying asleep. 

In this case, it's best to get a mattress that limits motion transfer. The ability of a mattress to reduce sudden movements means that you can both sleep undisturbed.

Origin 2.0 Mattress

The Origin 2.0 mattress is designed to effectively limit motion transfer and disturbance caused by sudden movements.

To carry out this test, we placed a glass of wine upright on the mattress. Then, one of our employees jumped onto the bed. Result: the wine glass remained upright.


The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress limits movement transfer fairly well but less effectively than the Origin 2.0 mattress. 

Our wine glass test was fairly conclusive: the glass didn't fall. On the other hand, our tester's jumps created significant movement, which almost destabilized him.


Edge Support: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

Good edge support is another essential feature of a long-lasting, comfortable mattress. It contributes to the overall firmness of the mattress. The higher the edge support, the more likely your mattress is to remain firm over time. 

Edge support also marks a solid boundary, reducing the risk of falling for those who tend to "travel" while sleeping.

Origin 2.0 Mattress

The Origin 2.0 mattress benefits from fairly sturdy edges capable of absorbing weight with relative efficiency. 

For this test, our testers simply sat on the edges of the mattress. The edges provided good weight support. 

However, if edge support is particularly important to you, we recommend the Polysleep Mattress with a support frame.


The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress has very little edge support. It is, therefore, more likely to sag and lose firmness over time. 

Our test showed that the edges of this mattress sagged immediately under the weight of our tester.


Verdict: Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN

The aim of this comparative study was to give you enough objective information to make your choice between a Polysleep mattress and an Ikea mattress. From this Origin 2.0 vs IKEA AMSOSEN duel, we draw the following conclusions:

  • The packaging of the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is less practical and less environmentally friendly than that of the Origin 2.0 mattress.
  • The structure of the Origin 2.0 mattress is more elaborate than that of the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress, which also contains fiberglass, a potentially hazardous material.
  • The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is less firm and less durable than the Origin 2.0 mattress.
  • IKEA AMSOSEN does not include a water-repellent cover, unlike the Origin 2.0 mattress. 
  • Motion transfer limitation is more effective on the Origin 2.0 mattress.
  • Edge support on the IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is weak, unlike on the Origin 2.0 mattress.

The IKEA AMSOSEN mattress is a good choice if your budget is limited. On the other hand, if you want to invest in a durable, quality mattress, the Origin 2.0 mattress from Polysleep is the one for you. 

In any case, remember: your judgment is the most important! 

In the meantime, we wish you a pleasant journey to dreamland...

Polysleep Competition
Price (FULL) Winner $ 736 $ 849
100% Made in Canada Winner No
Unpacking Winner No - chemical odor, complicated
Construction Winner No - contains fiberglass
Firmness (it's personal) Winner No - sags over time
Water Resistance Winner No
Motion Isolation Winner Winner
Edge Support Winner No - loses firmness over time

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