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Video games
Best Video Games Weapons to Make Ennemis Sleep
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Best video games sleep weapons.

Video games

Best Video Games Weapons to Make Ennemis Sleep

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Have you ever wondered what are the best video games weapons and techniques to put an opponent to sleep? Dart, gas, gun, or strangulation, the options are numerous and the efficiency quite different from each other. 

So, let me show you some of them!

A silent arsenal


The dart

Propelled swiftly through a blowpipe (thanks to the violent breath of your character), the dart is generally super effective. For me, it is the best weapon in an Assassin's Creed (alongside the secret blade). Even more since, you know, you can add a little poison touch to your darts! 

But remember that this article is not to help you eliminate your target permanently, but simply to put them to sleep. So we’ll pass on the poison for now.

Assassin's Creed asleep silent dart.

The silent gun

When it's time to take out a target quickly in Sniper Elite 4, , I usually have trouble aiming at the head to make him sleep eternally. In the midst of a virtual panic, I find myself shooting just about everywhere, except behind the enemy's neck. A bullet in the knee or in the buttock and you can be sure that the soldier will scream "Alaaaaarm!" in the next second. 

Sniper Elite 4 anaesthetic bullet.

On the other hand, with an anesthetic bullet or micro-dart, you can aim at the big toe, the back of the elbow or an ear and you're sure that the guy will go to sleep! 

To easily put an enemy to sleep, this might be my favorite weapon.


The micro-dart on the wrist

This is high-tech gadgetry, folks! 

The older among you will remember the first film The Naked Gun with the endearing and excellent Leslie Nielsen playing the role of Detective Frank Drebin. 

There is a scene in a police lab where Frank watches a demonstration by a scientist named Ted.

Naked Gun sleep dart.

The latter throws Captain Ed Hocken an anesthetic micro-dart propelled by a cufflink. I can still hear him: "Ted, why?" 

Then the captain falls heavily to the ground. Hahaha! 

This gadget is a little less used in video games, but I think it should be used more. From memory, I think I already used it in a James Bond game. 

Such a weapon hides well when you need to go incognito, much like Agent 47 does in the Hitman game franchise.

Discreet as a ninja



Well enclosed and pressurized in a small container, soporific gas can do wonders to put an enemy to sleep. Although the effect is often long in coming. But still, in video games, dispersing gas is often the best weapon to go completely unnoticed, silently and without violence. 

Just a nice, big, 15 minutes-long nap. 

However, you have to be careful! Many video games show us the angle that the grenade will take when we throw it. However, it happens that in a hurry, the grenade is thrown on a wall or an object and it bounces back in your face.

The Division 2 grenade in face.


Casting a spell

Harry Potter stupefy sleep spell.

You are a wizard in one of the many games set in the Harry Potter universe. Dressed in a long purple suit, pointed hat on your head, wand in hand, you are ready for big magical confrontations. 

Normally when you enter this northern village, you walk through the gates throwing lightning bolts, propelling the enemies away. But this time, on this beautiful sunny morning, you want to take it easy. 

You whisper a "stupefy" while twirling your wand, and bam, the two villagers guarding the entrance to the village are asleep. 

This way of putting opposing characters to sleep is gentle and, let's face it, pretty cool.


Almost break the neck

Splinter Cell sleep technique.

Did you come on a little strong with Spock's grip and break your opponent's neck? Oops. But then again, you'll notice that in many games or movies, it's all about "quartering" the head. The hero always seems to know how far to turn the opponent's head to put him to sleep, without killing him! 

Well, he is not really sleeping, he is rather unconscious, I know... But in some games, this technique is described to us as "putting the enemy to sleep instead of killing him". 

Poor opponent will surely wake up with a stiff neck! 

This is probably my favorite technique in the Splinter Cell game series. 

Besides, it seems to me that we are due for a new game of this franchise, it's been a long time... 

As you can see, the best weapons and techniques for putting a character to sleep in a video game are legion (and there are probably many more).


But there are others

I'm thinking of strategy games like Fire Emblem, where you can put opposing units to sleep to prevent them from attacking you in turn. The Pokémon series also has characters that can launch a sleep attack on the opponent character. This technique of putting the other character to sleep for a turn has saved my life on several occasions during confrontations where I thought all was lost. Often in this type of game, being able to do one more turn without being attacked is what allows us to win.  

In short, as you must have noticed since last fall through my various columns, the sleep aspect is approached in many ways in video games.


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