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Foam Mattress in Saskatoon | Free Delivery

A client from Saskatoon is getting ready to unpack his new Polysleep mattress in his bedroom

We spend a third of our life sleeping; might as well make the most of this sleep time! Our Polysleep mattress, delivered anywhere in the Saskatoon area, will help you experience unparalleled sleep quality. If you’re looking for the best mattress online—and made locally in Canada—Polysleep will fulfill all your expectations.


The best mattress in a box you’ve ever tested!


Yes, you read that right: your foam mattress will be delivered in Saskatoon, in a box! The properties of our Polysleep mattresses, made of viscoelastic hybrid foam, make it possible for us to fully compress it, fold it, roll it and deliver it directly to your door. Once you’ve received it, just take it out of its packaging and in as little as a few minutes, it’ll take back its original shape; so you’ll be able to enjoy it immediately! And for an even more convincing experience, opt for our Polysleep pillow with adjustable foam layers, also available to purchase online!


How are our foam mattresses made?


Designed in collaboration with expert foam chemists, our foam mattresses for sale and delivered in Saskatoon include several layers; each playing a unique role to offer you unrivaled comfort and support. No useless layers just to look good, but exactly what is needed to give you high-quality sleep!


  • The base layer, made of high-density foam, reinforces the mattress and acts as a boxspring—so you can use your mattress directly on the ground, or put it on a traditional boxspring or platform.
  • The transition layer ensures you enjoy optimal support;
  • The top layer is made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. This material allows air to circulate, so you can stay cool at night.
  • The extra-firm frame, unique on the market, prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening out.
  • The very practical liquid-proof cover ensures liquids stay on the surface until you can soak up the water from that spilled glass!


No matter what size of foam mattress you want—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Californian King—we deliver it anywhere in the Saskatoon area, in a super practical and easily portable box!


Why should I opt for a foam mattress?


Our mattresses were created to provide you with optimal support while perfectly moulding themselves to the shape of your body. And if a pressure point is detected, your mattress will relax the firmness and reduce the temperature, so you can stay cool all night! Even more, you’ll get a trial period of 100 nights and if you don’t like it, we’ll take the mattress back and give you a full refund.

All the more reason to chose Polysleep when you’ll need to change your mattress!

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