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Foam Mattress in Sherbrooke | Free Delivery

Man delivering a new Polysleep foam mattress in Sherbrooke

Who hasn’t dreamt of a good night’s sleep and a comfortable mattress? For our part anyway, we wouldn’t say no! Our foam mattresses, offered in the Sherbrooke area, will allow you to sleep like you haven’t in a long time, and with a trial period of 100 nights, you’ll realize that our mattress is be the best thing that’s ever happened to you in quite a while!


What customers are looking for in a mattress


Whether you’re shopping for your mattress online or at the store, you and every other customer are all looking for the same things: a mattress that offers proper support, great comfort and allows you to enjoy the best sleep ever. Our Polysleep mattresses provide all that and much more, and can also be delivered everywhere in Sherbrooke and its surroundings! Even better, they’re made in Quebec from A to Z! #BuyLocal


High-density foam


We’ve collaborated with expert foam chemists to offer you a high-density ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress of the highest quality. It makes sense, more foam equals less air; our experts have achieved the perfect balance to offer you the ultimate mattress. And by also trying our Polysleep pillow, your nights will be even more restful; take advantage of our free delivery in Sherbrooke to order your Polysleep pillow and mattress!


The mattress in a box


Our foam mattresses can be rolled in a box and delivered everywhere in Sherbrooke and the surroundings, something that anyone obviously wouldn’t be able to do with a spring mattress. Another advantage: transport is simpler, since it's easier to carry a box than a mattress & it’s better for the environment! 😉


The different layers of our mattress


All our mattresses are made of several layers of foam; you’ll be sure to enjoy the most comfortable product on the market!


  • The base layer, made of high-density foam, reinforces the mattress and also acts as a boxspring— so you can even place your mattress directly on the ground if you do not have a bedframe.
  • The transition layer, for its part, provides full support.
  • The antimicrobial top layer, made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, moulds itself to the shape of your body and allows for good air circulation; so you’ll stay cool all night (or all day if you work nights!).
  • The extra-firm frame, unique in the industry, prevents the mattress from flattening out when you sit on the edge (to put your socks on, tie your shoes or just because—why not?).
  • The liquid-repellent cover protects your mattress from small accidents like spilling your glass!


One thing is sure, you’ll love your new Polysleep foam mattress, delivered everywhere in the Sherbrooke area! Use our online site for your purchase and discover what having a good night’s sleep really means!

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