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These days, everything can be home delivered, even your new car! The same goes for mattresses, including our Polysleep mattress! Yep, we deliver your foam mattress directly to your door, everywhere in Canada. Not only can you skip going to the store to choose your mattress—because you’ll order it comfortably from your home—you’ll receive it soon to enjoy nights of sleep like you’ve never had before!


We deliver our mattresses everywhere in Canada!


From East coast to West coast, you’ll be able to enjoy our Polysleep mattress since we offer a delivery service everywhere in the country. Made in Canada with help of chemists specialized in foam chemicals, our high-quality mattress is also offered at a competitive price because of the elimination of intermediate parties. You can order your foam mattress directly on our website and we deliver it to your door only in a few days, it is that simple!


A mattress in a box?


Our mattress is composed of viscoelastic hybrid foam, no springs in sight! We can compress it, fold it, roll it, put it in an environmentally friendly cardboard. That's why your Polysleep mattress can be delivered quickly and efficiently to your door! And since it's rolled in a box, it’s easier to carry and it’ll take back its original shape in as little as a few minutes!


Don't forget your Polysleep pillow!


Paired with our mattress, the Polysleep pillow will give you the ultimate sleeping experience, and just like our mattress, it can be delivered anywhere in Canada, no matter in which province you live. Made with multiple adjustable layers of foam, you can give it the shape and thickness you desire. A comfortable and customizable pillow? We really thought of everything!


Why choose Polysleep?


There are many reasons to convince you to order your mattress and your pillow here:


  • No middle man, so you’ll get the best price possible;
  • Fast and free delivery, anywhere in Canada;
  • Unbeatable customer service, for every step of the purchase;
  • Superior quality products.


Join the increasing number of Canadian buyers that have purchased their foam mattress at Polysleep and take advantage of the direct home delivery of your mattress!

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