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Pillows in Toronto

Pillow Toronto

Looking for a quality pillow in Toronto so you can sleep soundly? You've come to the right place! Designed in Canada, our pillows are suitable for all types of sleepers and can be adjusted to your needs.


Made of high-quality hybrid memory foam, our pillows ensure a soft and restful sleep with optimal head and neck support. Explore our standard and orthopedic pillow offerings and choose your next sleep partner!


Order your new pillow in Toronto today

Already convinced by our pillows? Explore the Polysleep Pillow or Orthopedic Pillow sizes in our online store! Enjoy an improved sleep; pillows are delivered to your home quickly and free of charge.


Not sure which model is right for you? Explore our complete guide to choosing a pillow.

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The Polysleep Pillow

Polysleep Pillow

There are many Polysleep Pillow height options. Test for yourself which combination suits you! Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you can find the thickness that fits your position perfectly.


In addition, our pillows are designed to provide optimal support while you sleep. No more morning aches thanks to the hybrid viscoelastic foam! Adapted to your preferences, soft and breathable, you've found the perfect pillow for Toronto.

The Wedge Pillow

Polysleep Wedge Pillow

Designed for superior body support, the Orthopedic Pillow provides relief from sleep apnea, acid reflux, and snoring. It also provides ideal support during pregnancy.


In addition, this pillow in Toronto adapts to all your positions thanks to its modular formula. Use it for your head, neck, or legs!


With its different layers of hybrid foam, it relieves pressure points and promotes a comfortable and quality sleep!

Polysleep mattress edmonton

Enjoy your new pillow in Toronto

Have you chosen the model and size that suits your needs? Then order your pillow online. It will be delivered in a box to your door, ready to use! Want to try it out to make sure it's a perfect match? Polysleep offers a 30-night trial period.


Explore our range of mattresses

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Do you need an entirely new bed? Polysleep is first and foremost a designer of mattresses in boxes made in Canada! Designed with several layers of high-quality memory foam, you will enjoy a long, relaxing, and most importantly (we hope), deep sleep.

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Treat Yourself to Quality Nights

In addition to our Toronto pillows and mattresses, Polysleep also offers various products and accessories to enhance your sleep. Explore our selection of mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and box springs to complete your sleep kit!


Do you have any questions about our products? Contact our customer service for more information and personalized advice.

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