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RV Mattress in Edmonton

RV Mattress Edmonton

Ready for the big adventure?

Your RV is ready to roll, but you’re still missing one important piece: a quality short queen mattress?

Well, don’t worry, because at Polysleep, we’re a Canadian-wide company and deliver RV mattresses in Edmonton (and the surrounding area)!

Discover Polysleep's

A Short Queen, That Is No Short on Qualities

When buying the Polysleep RV Mattress, you obtain all the qualities of a standard Polysleep Mattress, but only in a smaller size. 

That means that while being lighter and easier to set up, the mattress is antimicrobial, has great support, has less motion transfer, and offers great temperature regulation.

So when they say that “good things come in all sizes”, we couldn’t agree more.



Premium Memory Foam

Living the nomad life doesn’t mean that you need to sleep uncomfortably. Our RV Mattresses delivered in Edmonton are made of the same, high-quality viscoelastic foam, like any other Polysleep Mattress.

This mattress is so well-balanced, and its edge support, so trustworthy, that chances are that you won’t even notice that the RV is moving while taking a nap on the road. We only hope that the reason why the RV is moving is that your sweet partner is driving and not because you forgot to put it on ‘Park’.


Delivered At Your Door, in Edmonton

Polysleep delivers mattresses in Canada from coast to coast.

So if you’re looking to buy an RV Mattress in Edmonton, you just have to order it online and it will be delivered to your Edmontonian door. Yes, it’s that easy.

Then you’ll have 100 nights to decide whether you like your brand new RV mattress or not.




Still a Bed in a Box, But Easier to Carry!

Yes, when buying an RV mattress in Edmonton with Polysleep, you’ll receive the mattress directly at your door, in a box.

What’s easier than transporting a mattress in a box in an RV? Especially this one, since it weighs only 57 lbs.


Get The Full Combo

Looking for a great, fully customizable, and super comfy memory foam pillow to give your head the right support after a long hiking day?


Get the Polysleep Pillow!


And you know what? Even if you’re not into hiking, we’re still pretty sure that our pillow will be the perfect fit for you. Why? Because: first, is it only made of quality foam that will adapt to your head shape, and second, you have the possibility of adding/removing layers of foam, according to your needs.




Why Should I Get a High-Quality RV Mattress for My Trip in Edmonton?

Because there are so many things to see in and outside the city.

Have you ever experienced a sunrise right next to the mountains in Jasper Park? Have you woken up surrounded by Bisons on Elk Island?

Traveling with an RV is a great way to experience many of those marvelous things. But to fully embrace your nomad adventure, you’ll need to be well-rested and have enough energy.

That’s why you need to have a great RV Mattress. And since Polysleep delivers RV Mattress in Edmonton, there is no reason not to give it a try.


Our RV Mattress is a short queen, specifically designed to fit most RVs.

It is 60 inches wide, 75 inches long, and is 10 inches thick.

We would recommend measuring your bed space before ordering an RV Mattress, as some RVs’ bed space may be different.

Well, the most obvious element is of course the size. To accommodate the limited space inside the RV, the mattress is 60 inches wide, 75 inches long, and is 10 inches thick.

In comparison, the Polysleep Standard Queen Mattress is 60 inches wide, 80 inches long, and is 10 inches thick.

The RV Short Queen Mattress is also lighter: 57 lbs compared to 62 lbs with the Polysleep Queen Mattress. It is therefore easier to move the mattress-in-a-box inside your RV.

No! At the moment, the following sizes can also be found on the market: RV twin size, truck size, bunk size, three-quarter size, full size, queen size, and king size.

But for the time being, we’ve decided at Polysleep to focus on the Short Queen RV Mattress, because it is one of the most common.

But nevertheless, make sure to measure the bed space in your RV before ordering and having a bad surprise.

All mattresses are made by us, in Montreal, Quebec.

Therefore, when you choose to buy your RV mattress in Edmonton with Polysleep, you buy Canadian. It's good to encourage the local economy, right?

Of course it does!

When you buy Polysleep’s RV Mattress, you have 100 days to decide if you like the mattress or not. That’s enough time to do a little voyage and experience the mattress while on the road. ;)

Then, we’re so confident that all RV mattresses bought in Edmonton will have great longevity, that they come with a 10-year warranty.

Very easy!

And when we say very easy, we mean it. It’s even very very easy.

The mattress only weighs 57 lbs and comes in a box.

To install it, you just have to transport the mattress in your RV, open the box and remove the plastic protection using a cutter. Then, you just have to wait a few minutes (it’s really not that long) until the mattress takes its intended form.

You just have to tell us. And if you’re still in the 100-nights trial, we’ll take care of everything.

We’ll take care of bringing the mattress back and giving you a refund.

Do you need some information before deciding on buying your RV Mattress in Edmonton?

We’ll be glad to talk with you!

Feel free to contact our customer service using one of the following methods:

Phone: 1 (844) 869 - 7659


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