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5-minute bedtime stories for children
Anna, Grace, and the Sky Spirits
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Sky spirit above the glaciers

5-minute bedtime stories for children

Anna, Grace, and the Sky Spirits

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Anna and Grace loved their grandmother. She told the most amazing stories and had a warm, deep laugh that made them feel safe. Their favorite story was one about the dance of the sky spirits where the sky was lit up in the North around March and September. She said it was the most beautiful sight in the world. 

It is also called the aurora borealis, and Grandma would tell them that it shone so brightly and so beautifully because it was the souls of those past were dancing in the sky. 

She said that one day she would be up in the sky dancing for Anna and Grace, and she'd like them to see her.

Anna and Grace grew up and got busy with school and friends, so they didn’t get to see their grandmother as much. But at least once a week they made sure to have dinner with her so they could talk to her and hear her stories.

Then, one day, their grandma was gone. She had passed to heaven where she would be happy and warm. Anna and Grace promised that they would see the sky spirits dance so that their grandmother could look down at them from above. 

They knew to see it they would have to go very far North. They prepared and trained their bodies so they knew they could do it, then in late August, they left.

They encountered many wild animals on their hike through northern Canada: Caribou, Musk Ox, and Snowy Owls. 

Once when they were camping at night a pack of wolves came near their campsite. Frightened, the girls picked up flaming sticks from their fire and waved it around their faces as the wolves came near. Scared of the fire, the wolves ran.

As they neared the glacier where they were going to see the Sky Spirits where their grandmother had seen them for the first time, they saw a great, big polar bear. Luckily, they had great reverence and respect for the polar bear, like their grandmother had taught them, so it did not bother them.

Then, by early evening, they made it to their destination. They cooked their food on a small fire and then drank hot cups of water to stay warm. 

As the sun went down they became very cold, it was the coldest night of the season and they became worried. Then, as the sky became dark they heard a great, low noise in the distance. They thought it was thunder at first but the sky was clear. 

Then, all of a sudden, great, green lines covered the dark sky, dancing back and forth. The sound they heard grew louder and a warmth flooded them in response as they recognized it. 

At the same exact time, Anna and Grace said: That’s grandmother’s warm voice laughing with joy from above!”.


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