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5-minute bedtime stories for children
Bedtime stories for kids : A Halloween party
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Bedtime stories for kids : A Halloween party

5-minute bedtime stories for children

Bedtime stories for kids : A Halloween party

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It’s Sunday, October 31. I’m getting ready to spend Halloween in my neighbourhood.

This year, I made myself a cat costume. I’m wearing black pants, a black sweater, black boots and a black toque. On the top of my toque, I pinned pointed ears and on the back of my shirt, I tied a long scarf to make a tail. Mom drew me moustaches and a little pink snout. I put on my gloves and grab my pumpkin bag.

That’s it! I’m ready to go. We can go now.


It’s really dark outside! Luckily I have my flashlight. Mom’s not too far behind, with my little brother Simon sleeping in the stroller.

I start my tour at the Brown's. They always give me a bag filled with surprises if I sing them a song. I know tons of them that I learned in kindergarten.

- The little cat goes Meow! Meow! Meow! The little cat goes meow!

It makes them laugh. I say thank you and I leave.

Under the gallery, I notice two small lights shining. Strange, they are probably fireflies.

I will continue my tour. Next stop, Mr. Smith. I will have to speak loudly because he can’t hear very well anymore.


And he puts a big handful of candy in my pumpkin.


I walk back down the stairs and feel something tugging on my tail. I turn around, but there's nothing there. Strange, I could have sworn someone was trying to grab it.

I continue. A short stop at the Martin's. I greet my friend Catherine with my hand. She is hilarious in her monkey suit. She laughs. I’m not sure know why.


Then I meet Tom, who comes from the Wilson’s. He shows me his big chocolate bar. He starts pointing towards the end of the street. 

- Eh! There is a...

But I don’t hear the end of his sentence because I’ve already left. I’m going back to the street with my Chocoflash. Mmm, Madame Wilson is too generous.

While Mom is on the sidewalk and chatting with the neighbour. I go on and visit the Johnson's. I ring the bell and yell:


Ms. Johnson's opens the door and looks at me tenderly. She calls her husband:

- John quickly! Come and see how cute it is. There is our little neighbour Sophie and she brought her cat. They have the same costume.

Her cat!?! But I don’t have a cat!?!

So I look down, and at my feet, there’s Coal. It’s Anne’s black cat, who lives behind my house. He sits quietly beside me, and it looks like he’s waiting for treats too.

Mrs. Johnson gives me chips, and she pats Coal, who purrs. I take a moment to pet him. He really is cute.

Mom, who saw what happened, takes a picture of us. It’s not every day that we spend Halloween with a black cat.


Some people think it’s bad luck. For me, it brought me luck when I glimpse at all my candy collection hiding away in my bag.
It’s time to go home. I’m hoping next to Mom and Coal, who is trying to grab my scarf tail. Anne calls her cat to enter the house. Coal runs away through the hedge. 

After inspecting my treats with my parents, I go to bed.

I fall asleep dreaming that Coal and I are rolled together in a small ball, comfortably seated on a big pillow, in a giant basket.



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