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5-minute bedtime stories for children
Tiny Elliot's Big Day
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Pensive little Elliot staying away from other students before taking the bus to school

5-minute bedtime stories for children

Tiny Elliot's Big Day

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a tiny, tiny, TINY kindergarten boy named Elliot. 

Elliot was small for his age.

He had trouble coloring inside the lines.

He had even more trouble sitting still at carpet time.

And he had the most trouble of all making new friends.

Why? Well, because Elliot was shy. And he was afraid of big kids. And all of the kids were big compared to him. 

His Daddy had always told him that he was special, but Elliot didn't feel special. Elliot felt small. And quiet. And clumsy. 

But Elliot was about to find out that small boys are often meant for great things. Today would not be like any other day in Elliot's life. No, today would be a special day!

It started like any other day. Elliot's dad dropped him off at school and said, "You can do hard things, Son!" just like he did every single morning since kindergarten began.

Ms. Wilbur said, "Good morning, Elliot! You are SPECIAL!" just like she had every day since kindergarten began. 

And Elliot sat in his seat, smaller than the other seats, and took his homework out of his backpack, just like he did every morning when he arrived.

And that's when everything changed. "Ms. Wilbur! Ms. Wilbur!" Charlotte cried! "Look outside! There is a kitten stuck in that tree!"

Elliot rushed to the window, and just as Charlotte had said, there was a kitten trapped in the sycamore tree in the schoolyard. 

Mrs. Wilbur led the class outside to see if they could help. "Who can climb this tree?" she asked. Elliot knew he could climb the tree and save the kitten, but he was too afraid to speak up.

Gordo, the biggest boy in Kindergarten, said he could surely do it, but he actually couldn't and gave up quickly.

Celeste said, "I can climb trees!" and took the next try, but she couldn't make it up the tree either. 

The kitten cried and cried. At last, Ms. Wilbur turned to Elliot and said, "Elliot, can you give it a try? I'm positive I've seen you climb this tree before!"

Elliot remembered his Dad's words: You can do hard things! and Ms. Wilbur's words: You are special! and he said, "I-I c-can try, Ms. W-Wilbur."

And then, with all of his determination, he did it! Eliot climbed the tree and rescued the kitten, who licked his face and snuggled into his neck. 

It was then that Elliot realized that small boys can do big things, too.

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