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10 Tips For a Better Sleep Hygiene!
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10 Tips For a Better Sleep Hygiene!

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What is one of the most important moments of your day? Your night’s sleep of course! In fact, a human will spend almost one third of his life sleeping so it’s better for him to get used to make the most of this rest period.

Like many things in life, sleep needs to be maintained and care must be taken to keep its positive effects. This is known as sleep hygiene. It is in fact all the environmental factors and lifestyle habits that will influence the quantity and quality of sleep. Sometimes a simple detail can disrupt your night, so it’s essential to know how you can improve your rest time.

To help you create a good environment to fall asleep and promote quality sleep, here are some rules you can follow that will help you have an ideal sleep hygiene.


It should be noted that everyone is unique and must recognize their own needs first and foremost. Also, it is important to understand our own sleep better in order to rest efficiently. Some recommendations could possibly not apply to your situation although it is proven to be effective for the general population.

1. Adopt Regular Sleep Schedules

It is well known, sleep is a constant cyclical period. By prioritizing fixed sleep schedules, it will be easier for you to fall asleep and wake up as well.

2. Respect the Luminosity 

Melatonin, one of the hormones that is responsible for sleep, can not be produced in the light. The human biological clock has been designed in such a way that the human day is active and at night, when it turns dark outside, the human sleeps.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs Before Sleeping

Although alcohol and other substances can help you relax before going to bed, they will have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.

4. Limit the Intake of Stimulants

To sleep, the body must be relaxed and at rest. It is therefore not recommended to take any stimulant substances that could prevent your body from being calm like coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, …

5. Create a Good Atmosphere in the Room

This is the place where you sleep so it must promote relaxation. Your room should also be dark and temperate to help your body sleep well. The temperature greatly influences our sleep because if it is too high or too low, it is more difficult to have quality sleep. The furniture in the room is also important. It is essential to choose a quality mattress which is the surface that you will sleep on for hours on end.


Discover a few more tips about how to turn your bedroom into a sleep haven.


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6. Plan Rest or Leisure Time Before Bedtime

By having rest or leisure time such as reading or drawing for example, it is easier for the body to make a transition between the hectic activities of the day and the sleep period to come. It is recommended to avoid any intense sports activity before going to sleep because it would stimulate the body instead of relaxing it.

7. Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Eating well helps digestion and avoids having stomach aches when sleeping and prevents multiple at awakenings night due to poor digestion.

8. Get Out of Bed if Sleep Does Not Come

If you can not fall asleep, no need to stay in bed and move in all directions. By staying on your mattress, your brain is conditioned and associates the bed with an awakening, which you want to avoid. Better to get out of the room and engage in a quiet activity and wait for sleep to come back.

9. Avoid Looking at the Time

In the same state of mind, avoid looking at the time if you can not sleep. This just adds unnecessary stress. The human brain is almost automatically calculating either the number of hours you have to sleep, or the number of hours wasted that you could have slept so it just adds pressure to sleep faster.

10. Say Goodbye to Your Old Bedding Material

Finding a good mattress and getting the good bedding material are also crucial. Indeed, it will contributes to a good night’s sleep – a good mattress is known to make a positive difference. 

The ideal mattress is different for each person, the reason why Polysleep is offering a 100 night trial.


To know more on the Polysleep Mattress, we also invite you to discover the review of Sleepopolis.


With these few tips, sleeping well on your two ears is not anymore, a secret for you!


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