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10 Activities to Make Your Bed the Best No Sleep Zone!
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10 Activities to Make Your Bed the Best No Sleep Zone!

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Have you ever thought of using your bed as a no sleep zone? We know you did. There are plenty of things you can do in bed that are way more fun than sleeping. Outside of the obvious, we’d like to share with you our favorite activities to do in bed that involves no sleep at all. With winter around the corner and the weather outside being far from warm, we think it’s about time we find some fun things to do inside.

However, even if staying in bed the whole day seems to be a great idea, we can quickly get bored if we’re not doing anything stimulating. Without any further ado, here are 10 activities you can do in bed that involves no sleep at all.

1.      No Sleep Allowed During Movie Time

Let’s start with a classic. Watching a movie or binge-watching a series all wrapped up in your blankets makes easy entertainment. It’s comfortable, warm, and especially fun if you invite a friend or two to join you in bed.  Why not try a Harry Potter or Lord of the Ring marathon?

2.      Reading a New Book for A No sleep Fun Time

While reading a book may lead you to sleep easier, if you want to spend some quality time in bed that involves no sleep, you can always try to start that new series you’ve been putting off for a while.

3.      Work Twice as Hard in Twice the Comfort

If you are a hard worker, you can use your bed as an office to work or study! However, this activity must be combined with at least one other, otherwise, why spend the day in bed?

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4.      Workout in Bed!

Nobody said that you can’t move if you stay in bed! Take this opportunity to do some moderate sports like yoga or stretches.

5.      Enjoy A Meal But Be Cautious!

Why not take this time to enjoy a meal? Breakfast, lunch or dinner for the adventurous, you can prepare everything the day before so you don’t have anything to cook for the day. As long as you don’t drop your Captain Crunch on the bed, eating in bed is a very fun activity that involves no sleep!

6.      Be Creative!

For the inspired one, enjoy this break and write something. All styles are accepted you simply have to let go.

7.      Powernap Your Way Through the Day!

We know we said no sleep but a nap is not like sleeping, right? It’s just a way to be sure to recuperate and gain some more energy for the next days to come.

8.      Board Games All the Way

If you are not alone, board games are a good way to entertain yourself. If you are alone, no worries, you can play to some games designed for a solo player. We promise you won’t be bored! No sleep for you and your friends on this bed.

9.      Make Some Art

It is also possible for you to let your creativity flow and create a piece of art. Crafting, scrapbooking, drawing, etc. are all possibilities to let your imagination run wild. Your bed is the best no sleep zone to achieve maximum inspiration!

10.  Techno Day in Bed

Thanks to new technologies, you can use your phone, a tablet, a computer or a games console to access an infinite number of universes and challenges. It’s time to turn your bed in a no sleep zone!

With all these ideas, there are no more excuses to get bored while spending the day in bed. You have to keep in mind that during those activities your comfort remains an essential element. Be sure that you have the right mattress that will allow you to do all these hobbies with the right support. Otherwise, your dream day in bed might turn into a nightmare.


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