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Video games
Ideas to Create Your Very Own Gaming Room
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Gaming room.

Video games

Ideas to Create Your Very Own Gaming Room

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The ABCs of Creating a Gaming Zone

Regardless of which room you use to play video games at home, it is possible to customize it to be comfortable and have a good atmosphere so you can get the most out of your gaming experience. Here are a few gaming room ideas that I hope will help you enjoy your gaming experience even more.

The Basis of a Gaming Room? The TV, of Course!

Of course, the key element of any gaming experience is the TV, THE centerpiece, the Holy Grail of the gaming zone (after the console, of course. Because no console, no video games).

You want to buy a new TV for your Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5? Look for a 4K TV with 120 HZ and an HDMI 2.1 connection. The goal is to fully enjoy the upcoming "next-gen experience" in your gaming room, with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft that will offer more and more spectacular games.

Of course, a 1080p HDTV works very well with these new consoles, but... if you want to get the most out of it, you'll need a 4K TV.

Godfall on Playstation 5.

Godfall on Playstation 5


Are You a Living Room Kind of Person or a Bedroom Kind of Person?

Personally, I like the fact that my gaming room is my living room.

If, like me, you are playing video games in your living room, you need a deep, comfortable chair that supports and hugs the shape of your body on both sides.

"But why Steeve, do you say that you need support on both sides?" The answer is simple and in no way scientific: when sitting on the central place of a sofa (the middle cushion) I always end up lying on the left or the right, all in an unglamorous way, in full view of my wife, who observes me with doubt and regret. So when I sit in a one-seat armchair, I am comfortable and I cannot lie down from left to right.

Gaming couch.

If you want to play "ultra comfort extra deluxe X1000", opt instead for a gaming bedroom and play in your bed, supported by two nicely positioned foam pillows, bathed in soothing light, not forgetting the proximity of a shiny breakfast tray to put your bag of chips.

However, if you want your bed to be in the center of your gaming area (for video games or... other types of games... wink wink wink), know that there are good ways to protect your mattress. Chip seeds everywhere under the covers are rarely pleasant.

So there you are, sitting comfortably, eyes engulfed in your magnificent TV, ready to enjoy this new gaming experience. But you feel like there is still something missing in your nice gaming room...

It’s because you did miss something!

You need to think about sound quality!


Make Some Noise... or Not

A soundbar is always a good idea to make the most of the sound environment of the games. If you want to play quietly or rather without disturbing the people around you at home, consider buying headphones.

If you play on a PlayStation 5, I highly recommend the Pulse 3D wireless headset, a Sony accessory I recently tested.

Wireless Pulse 3D Headset.

 Wireless Pulse 3D Headset

For the rest, it's worth mentioning that today's TVs are pretty good on the sound side and offer a more than decent, even impressive sound environment. In fact, I recommend the LG 4K NANO90 55" that I own, which has a very impressive sound experience.


Decorative Ideas for Your Gaming Zone

So we have the TV, the armchair, the sound atmosphere... Now we need to work on the decorative aspect.

Personally, I prefer to play under subdued lighting, helping me to feel more immersed in the game. A gaming area with a big bright white neon light may be a bit... too much. We also want to avoid having a large heat emitting light in our gaming room, no one wants to play while sweating!

And why not add some pretty statuettes of your favorite video game characters or geek universe to personalize your gaming area?

I won’t promise that you will get unanimous support from your family members for positioning your large 35 cm articulated Star Wars Pillard Tusken figurine in the living room. But... it's always possible to negotiate to add at least an object or two.

Tusken Figurine gaming zone.

What?! You want more examples of great objects to display in your gaming room so it reflects your style, tastes, and personality?

Find your old Transformers G1 miniatures and display them in your gaming room. LEGO Fans: Buy beautiful theme sets to assemble and then display them with pride.

OK, if you don’t have a very big room, Han Solo's ship or the huge Death Star will certainly take up a lot of space!

Luckily, some artists make great paintings on pop culture, geek, or video game universes that take up a lot less space. This kind of canvas can be a great idea to give more personality to your ultimate gaming zone!

Death Star Gaming Room Setup.


So? Feel Inspired to Create Your Perfect Gaming Room?

They are many, many, many possible gaming room ideas. So, if you feel lost, just remember that the essence of your gaming room is based on some of the key elements listed above.

TV, comfort, sound, and decoration.

Don’t forget that comfort is essential. Because by being comfortable, you focus even more on your games’ stories and can commit yourself emotionally. Just as our beloved game designers intended.


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